27 Things From Target That’ll Help Make Your Daily Routine Feel Less Tedious


A 24-pack of Mighty Patch pimple patches, because no one has the time or patience for surprise zits. These hydrocolloid patches can help clear gunk out of your pores and shrink zits in record time; for me, slapping one on overnight makes a noticeable difference by morning. Clogged pores, begone!

A model using the pimple patch


The internet-famous Revlon One-Step hairdryer brush, so you can finally master the art of giving yourself fantastic blowouts with minimal fuss and bother. This handy tool eliminates the problem of trying to juggle both the hairdryer and hairbrush (without inevitably dropping one of them on your foot) by combining the two tools into one super-efficient device. And it gives you instant volume, too. There’s a reason this sucker has gotten so popular in recent years.

A model using hair dryer brush


A bag or two of Birch Benders pancake mix, because nothing beats back the tedium of daily existence like random acts of pancakes. Although I prefer to make my pancakes from scratch when I can, I also pretty much always have a couple of pouches of Birch Benders in my pantry for those times when I want the convenience of a just-add-water mix. This stuff legit tastes homemade, and it is so. Fast. To make. Breakfast-for-dinner, here you come!

The pancake mix


A pretty paisley Turbie Twist microfiber hair towel that’ll free you from the tyranny of waiting for your locks to dry. (You have better things to do with your time, right?) This super-absorbent wonder helps your hair dry faster than a standard ol’ terry towel does — which, by the way, also cuts down on any additional styling time you might need with other heat tools like hair dryers. Add it’s powerful frizz-fighting abilities, and you’ve got the perfect hair towel right here.


A box of individually wrapped Shout stain remover wipes, so you’ll never be held captive by tomato sauce, red wine, or even just regular ol’ dirt — no matter where you are. Whenever you find yourself in a messy situation, just unwrap one of these and give the spot a quick scrub. It’ll work some real magic in the moment, and it’ll save you time on doing a deep clean later on, too. Turns out stains don’t have to be a fact of life if you don’t want them to be!

The Shout wipes


A pair of Febreze small space odor eliminators that’ll quickly suck up any… let’s call them unwanted smells that might be plaguing your home and immediately replace them with a clean, fresh scent you’ll never get tired of sniffing. Bonus: These tiny-but-mighty packages don’t need to be plugged in to work. Just set ‘em up wherever you need them and they’ll take care of the issue all on their own.

The odor eliminator


A moisturizing primer with SPF, so you can knock out multiple skincare steps in one go. This pick from NYX offers hydration for up to 24 hours and SPF 30 sun protection — and it preps the gorgeous canvas that is your face for whatever other art you feel like adding to it. Done and done!

A model using the primer


A big ol’ bottle of Clean Shower daily shower cleaner, because hey, guess what? You actually don’t have to spend a million years scrubbing to have a spotless shower. Just spray some of this stuff on the walls and/or tub when you’re done washing up, and then… walk away. Seriously. That’s all you need to do. Daily use will help battle soap scum buildup, hard water stains, and more. Heck yes.

The daily shower cleaner


And some bathroom-specific Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for those times when a scrub is inevitable. This version of the iconic Magic Eraser is specially formulated with soap scum-fighting action, so when you wet them down and squeeze them out, they’ll literally wipe away any grossness that’s been lingering in your tub or shower in seconds – no matter how long it’s been there. They’ll even leave behind a delightful lavender scent when you’re done. Aaaah. Much better.


A hydrating overnight face mask to give your skin a boost of deep moisturizer literally while you sleep. (Nothing eases the boredom of routine like something you don’t even have to be awake to use, right?) Formulated with ingredients like mushrooms and quinoa, this mask from Pacifica Beauty works hard to replenish and quench your skin while you’re all wrapped up in the coziest of dreams.

The moisturizing face mask


A bottle of sesame teriyaki sauce from Target’s Good & Gather line, because if you’ve got some of this on hand, you’ve got dinner sorted — promise. Just toss some of it in a pan with any veggies and/or protein you’ve got on hand, stir-fry it all up, plate it over some rice, and voila: Dinner is served. Your tastebuds will be so pleased.

The teriyaki sauce


An Instant Pot Duo that’ll handle dinner for you so you don’t have to. This ubiquitous, seven-in-one appliance not only pressure cooks, but also slow cooks, sautés, makes rice and yogurt, steams veggies and other foods, and keeps everything warm if it finishes cooking before you’re ready to eat. And, since this single gadget does so much, there’s a lot less for you to clean up afterwards. Anything that cuts down on dishes is worth it, friends. Anything.

The Instant Pot


A makeup-removing cleansing balm that’s so effective, it can take off a full face in a snap. (Who doesn’t love speedy skincare?) Reviewer upon fawning reviewer mentions how gratifying it is to see your makeup literally melt off your face, thanks to this pick from Versed – and hey, guess what? It’s also super affordable. It’s the best of all possible worlds.


A manually-operated food chopper, so you can get all the benefits of a fancy food processor with a lot less cleanup to deal with afterwards. (Talk about an efficiency double whammy!) Once you load up this li’l gadget, just pull the cord to do whatever slicing, dicing, or pureeing you need to get accomplished. Because of its simplicity, the device cleans quickly, stores easily, and can even be packed up and taken on the road for use in spots with no electricity. Sure, knife skills are great… but so is this handy little thing.

The food chopper in use


A bottle of highly affordable, highly effective dry shampoo, because sometimes, a full wash just isn’t in the cards. Spritz on some of this stuff at the roots of your hair, let it sit for a few minutes, massage it through, and then brush your mane out. It’ll get rid of any greasies you may have accumulated, and it smells delightfully of coconut, jasmine, and peaches. What’s not to love?

The dry shampoo


A Keurig single-serving coffee maker that’ll streamline your mornings in more ways than one. First, it makes exactly the amount of coffee you need – no more, no less (no more wasted coffee left undrunk!). Second, it brews right into your cup, leaving you with no additional carafe to clean. And third, if you want iced coffee? This machine makes that, too. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

The Keurig


A pair of handy no-tie shoelaces, so you can eliminate the irritatingly repetitious task of tying your shoes from your day-to-day life. With these suckers, you only have to tie ’em once – and then, they’ll stay tied, forever. Thanks to the stretchy nature of these elastic laces, you’ll be able to pull your shoes on and take ‘em off again, without ever needing to tie or untie them. Genius.

The shoelaces


A compact elliptical that’s small enough to fit under your desk – meaning you can work from home and work out, all at once. You’ve got a nice, full life, right? May as well make the most of your valuable free time by multitasking work and gym time! (Bonus: You can use this machine standing, too, if you do like waiting until after work to get your steps in. In this house, we love nothing so much as options.)


A battery-powered grout scrubber, because getting your grungy grout clean doesn’t have to require a ton of elbow grease. This little hand-held tool features a tiny scrubby brush juuuuuust the right size to get between your tiles. And the best part? When you push the button on the handle, it starts scrubbing all by itself. Reviewers say it’s good for more than just the bathroom floor, too; it can also clean your dishwasher filter, your baseboards, those hard-to-reach areas around your faucets and drains, and more.

The grout scrubber


A sleek commuter backpack that’ll make sure you always have access to everything you need without bogging you down with all sorts of stuff you don’t. This streamlined Open Story pick features a large main compartment, a dedicated laptop compartment that can fit machines of up to 15”, an exterior zip pocket, and a water bottle or umbrella holder. It can be carried comfortably on your back, thanks to its padded straps, or like a tote if you’re feeling the handbag vibe – and it even has a suitcase sleeve if you decide to take it on the road with you. It’s chic. It’s versatile. It’s glorious.

The backpack in the color Taupe


A set of glass meal prep containers, because there is no better way to reduce the tedium of daily life for Future You than by sorting out your meals in advance. This 20-piece set includes 10 containers of different sizes and 10 snap-shut, leak-proof lids to match – all of which are microwave- and dishwasher safe. Talk about efficient!

the containers


A bottle of in-shower moisturizer that’ll effortlessly streamline your morning routine. Just slap some of this stuff on when your skin is still damp in the shower, pat dry once you get out, and you’ll be all hydrated and ready to start your day.

The moisturizer


A tub of multi-functional cleansing paste sure to get just about anything sparkling in a flash — even the things you didn’t think you actually had to clean. Use it on pots and pans! Tackle soap scum in your bathroom with it! Get those water stains off of your stainless-steel appliance with it! Clean your sink (because yep, your sink needs a regular scrub, too) with it! A true multitasking cleaning hero, there’s practically nothing this stuff can’t scrub, according to reviewers.

The Power Paste cleaner


A beautiful yet practical coiled rope basket, because yes, decluttering can be as quick and painless as just dumping a bunch of stuff into a decorative bin. This 11” basket is soft but structured, and offers plenty of space to stash blankets, coffee table books, your kids’ toys, and more – and it does it with ~style~, too.


An oven liner, because who has the time (or will!) to clean their entire oven every time something drips? With this guard slipped over the bottom rack, you can be sure the bottom of your oven is always drip-proof and free of little burned bits. It’s easy to pull out and rinse when necessary – and once it’s dry, you can just pop it back in. Easy!

The oven liner


A bottle of incredibly effective carpet stain remover from Bissell that’s a must for pet owners — or anyone who’s just a little clumsy. As someone who is both (hi there, fellow pet-owning klutzes!), I always, always keep a bottle or two of this stuff around. It works equally well on cat messes and coffee spills, and it gets the job done in literal seconds.

The carpet stain remover


And a bottle of powerful wrinkle release spray, because it sure as heck beats going through all the trouble of yanking out the iron and board every time you realize your pants have, uh… had a rough one, so to speak. A spritz of this stuff and a tug on the fabric to straighten everything out will go a long, long way towards making you presentable in just a few minutes.

The wrinkle release spray

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