27 Things From Free People You’ll Want To Wear Almost Every Day This Fall


An FP Movement cozy, slouchy onesie that offers the comfort of loungewear but is totally appropriate to wear to a post-workout meal or a casual fall outing. From the first wear, you’re going to want to live in this number so I suggest picking up a few to rotate throughout the week.


A romantic, vintage-inspired maxi dress because you need something to match those slamming Western boots that you just added to your cart, duh. There’s something about this ruffled, hyper-feminine get up and the edginess of the perfect pair of boots that’s a match made in heaven. I approve this message!

model wearing the maxi dress


A badass pair of distressed leather, Western-inspired boots that are totally on trend for fall 2022. The array of colors that these boots come in is to vast, it’s a bit overwhelming but also, you probably like it because you’re the type of person who needs options (and lots of ’em). Also, don’t be like me and act too proud to use the pull-on tabs. They’re literally there for a reason. Put ’em to work!


An FP Movement maxi length quarter-zip sweatshirt, so you can stand out in the crowd this fall. As you can tell, this sweatshirt gives “oversized” a whole new meaning, and has a zip leg slit, so you can customize how the piece looks and moves.


An effortless denim bomber jacket with a contrast collar that is a timeless piece, one that you should hold onto for future fall seasons — so take care of it, or I’ll make it my personal business to make sure it finds a worthy owner (that owner being me, of course).

model wearing the denim bomber


An FP Movement sling bag with four pockets and an adjustable rope strap, to stash all of your goods when you’re going for a hike (or simply going on a shopping run). Did we mention that it’s water-resistant so if you happen to get caught in a random rainstorm, you don’t have to worry about any of your precious valuables being destroyed?


A versatile maxi dress with an asymmetrical hemline that will get you excited literally every time you put it on. If you’re lucky enough to have a trip to a beach planned soon, this is perfect attire that screams “I’m really here for the vibes but just happen to look effortlessly stylish.”

model wearing the dress


An FP Movement printed packable puffer (say that three times fast!) so you don’t have to overthink what outerwear to throw on when the fall weather is being a tad bit chaotic (*cough cough, September in NYC*). It’s thick enough to keep you warm on a chilly day and easy to layer with in case you need more or less warmth. And when the weather randomly turns hot, as it is wont to do, simply pack it away by folding it into its own pockets.


A chill pair of ’70s-inspired sunnies for days when you don’t really want to be bothered. Even if you throw on the most plain-Jane outfit, you’ll look super cool and everyone will admire (from a safe distance).

model wearing the sunglasses


A simple yet chic FP Movement logo baseball cap because quite frankly, you always need cute hats in your closet just in case. They’re essential for outdoor workouts, sunny days, bad hair days, or when you end up sneaking off in the middle of the night to your soon-to-be-bae’s house and need a disguise in case you run into any of your mutual friends. Just saying — stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.


A retro-inspired two-piece mixed denim suit for days that regular denim just doesn’t quite do it for you. You’re not imagining things—the V-neckline and the low-rise cut of the jeans are calling your name.


A stunning cropped blazer because you can literally never have enough of them in your collection. Plus, after you spiraled and donated half of your clothes to “redefine your style” earlier in the year, you’re probably on the hunt for staples that you’re now missing in your closet. I’ve been there and your feelings are valid.


A cutesy pair of FP Movement grip socks that are perfect for working out in a studio, or even wearing around the house if you hate wearing slippers but also aren’t fond of walking around completely barefoot. Also, how can you resist the smiley faces. Now this is what we call “happy feet.”


A crewneck long sleeve top with keyhole detail, because basic long-sleeve shirts are a snore. You can literally wear this shirt with any and everything without getting tired of it. I love that for you!

model wearing the top


A water-resistant FP Movement “studio-to-street” puffer vest if you’re against full-on jackets/coats until the winter, but still need something to keep you warm on chilly autumn days (we see each other). I too can’t believe summer is officially over and wish to stand clear of bulky jackets that are a constant reminder of what is to come.


A cozy fluffy bucket hat, because did you really update your fall wardrobe if you didn’t add a new bucket hat into the mix? I may be a bit biased, but this is absolutely a need, not a want. Forget your old beanie — consider this your new go-to head accessory when you want to quickly spice up an outfit on a chilly fall day.

model wearing the bucket hat


A vegan leather military style jacket for that day when your inner fashionista wants to make an appearance. Fair warning— you will get endless questions about where you found this jacket so either A. wear headphones and act you don’t hear anyone or B. have the link ready to AirDrop. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, okay?

model wearing the vegan leather jacket


A clever sweater scarf that you, quite frankly, wish you thought of first because it’s absolutely genius. There goes you million dollar idea! However, you won’t regret adding this cozy knit piece, which can be worn like a poncho or wrapped around your shoulders like a preppy sweater, to your fall wardrobe.


A cable knit pullover sweater with an exaggerated v-neck and cropped length, so you can wear cable knit without channeling your grandmother (love ya, Gma). Between the dropped shoulder hem and defined collar, this is a whole new take on a classic fall/winter staple and I like every bit of it.


An essential pair of FP Movement high-top Vans canvas sneakers that are unlike any other pair that you’ve seen before. They’re undeniably stylish, but what really takes the cake is the wafflecup outsole meant to help with traction — so if you plan on wearing them for a long walk or even during a hike on a brisk fall day, you know you won’t slip on all those fallen leaves that are suddenly everywhere.


A chic wool-blend wide brim hat so you can attend all of the upcoming fall festivals you saved on TikTok in style. Just don’t wear it to the concert or the movies. Everyone hates the one person whose hat obscures everyone’s view of the show. Even if their hat is extremely cute.

model wearing the hat


A pair of FP Movement ruffle trim leg warmers because sometimes, you just have to be a little extra and there’s nothing wrong with that. Whether you’re heading to a barre class or simply want to make a fashion statement, you’ll find that yourself totally obsessing over these.


A slouchy off-the-shoulder sweater for channeling your inner hot girl summer, even when chilly girl fall is coming at full speed. You still have a few months before you really have to be bundled up, so enjoy it while you can.

model wearing the sweater


A classic plaid flannel shirt because it goes with everything and you always need one, don’t let anyone tell you any differently. If there was one item that could serve as the mascot for fall dad-inspired fashion, it would be this.


A hooded colorblock cardigan for you to throw on with literally anything. It’s so cute and cozy, you’ll probably wear it everywhere, from work to brunches to days spent on the couch bingeing your new favorite fall release. I don’t blame you, this is a judgment-free zone, in case you didn’t know.


An eye-catching FP Movement fleece bomber because you live for anything that’s reminiscent of colorful ’90s fashion, and this piece does that with a fabulous modern vibe. Plus, it’s cozy enough to take you from now until winter.


A longline quilted duffel coat that is perfect for the chilly fall nights when you want to paint the town red without shivering the whole night through. If you have to wear a real jacket, you might as well make it one that’s so cute that you actually don’t mind.

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