27 Pieces of Lightweight Clothing To Get You Through the Hottest Month


A colorblock cover-up, since a high-contrast colorblock is the *easiest* way to add a striking chic factor to your beach getup.

a person wearing the dress in orange and pink


An oversized button-down tunic that I personally go for whenever I need extra flow in my tops! An oversized button-down like this is great because you can close just a button or two for a look that’s effortlessly chic while still showing off some skin (and you can enjoy more of a breeze!).

a model wearing the black buttondown


A pair of linen drawstring shorts with an elastic waistband so that you can say farewell to that heavy leather belt that’s hanging in your closet. These breathable beauties will help you beat the heat wherever your August adventures take you.

a person wearing the linen shorts in teal


A sleeveless square-neck crop top that proves that minimalism doesn’t have to be boring. This gorg red number requires, well, minimal effort, won’t get you sweaty, and still brings your style factor up a ton.


An airy open-back apron dress with button closures, because the rising temperature doesn’t mean you have to forgo your whimsical, fairy-chic aesthetic. You can customize this dress with your measurements for a perfect fit *and* choose from either cotton or linen for a breezy feel.


A pair of cotton-elastane ribbed biker shorts with a cute lettuce hem to add a bit of *pizzazz* to your fit that’s almost as unique as you are!

a model wearing the shorts in green


A super-flowy long-sleeve top if you need something to wear to a popping pool party that will look sharp, while still feeling as cozy as your favorite band tee.


A smocked flutter-strap dress that you’ll want to wear when the heat is blaring and EVERYTHING is sweating, but you still want to look fab during wine and oysters happy hour.

model wearing the dusty rose colored dress


A pair of colorful linen culottes for those weekdays where you need something to keep you warm in your chilly office that’s also breezy enough that you don’t overheat during your commute or lunch break.

model wearing the pants in blue linen


A shirred tie-shoulder tank that puts a bow on your summer style while keeping you cool during the final heat stretch.

a model wearing the pink tank


A racerback workout-friendly dress, because a dress that has a pair of shorts (with a pocket!) *and* a bra built-in is ideal during those days where it’s way too hot to even think about putting a full outfit together.


A cotton eyelet boho maxi skirt that you can pair with a tank top and belt for a look that screams, I just watched Californication for the first time and I can’t stop dressing like Karen van der Beek.


An A-line wrap skirt, because how does one make a wrap skirt even easier to wear during the summer? By making it out of linen, that’s how.

a model wearing the skirt in rust


A pair of straight jean shorts that are BEGGING to be worn with a strappy hot pink top and some mary jane shoes during a night out.

model wearing the shorts


A flutter-sleeve midi dress because it is pretty much a complete outfit on its own — great for those hot beachy days where you want to look cute, but really cannot be bothered by putting a ton of thought into your getup.


A pair of berry-colored biker shorts that move with you, whether you’re running a 5K, deadlifting your new PR, or simply running around as you chase your toddler around the yard. Basically, you don’t have to worry about these shorts rolling up or down!


A sheer shirt dress cover-up made from organic cotton, for those beach or pool days where you technically don’t *have* to wear anything other than your swimsuit, but you still want the option of sprucing up your leisurely look.


A cropped “fauxchet” top if you spend all day on the beach and need something that will keep your arms covered from the sun and occasional gusty breeze, while still being more breathable than a typical sweater.


A pair of breezy elastic waist shorts to pair with your slide sandals and a Hawaiian shirt if your summer aesthetic is super-cool-dad-who-takes-vacation-outfits-very-seriously.

a model wearing the shorts in green


A pair of colorblock warm-up shorts, because who knew you could look this amazing while getting ready for your daily bike ride?!

a model wearing the yellow and purple colorblock shorts


A button-down shirt with a breathable waffle texture that will look so chic and flowy over your favorite midi dress.


A patterned maxi dress that’s cute, stylish, and best of all sheer, AKA, it feels like you’re wearing virtually nothing. Wear it with a cute bra or crop top and your fave undies or bike shorts.


A cowl-neck halter, because who has time for sleeves, especially in this heat?! 🥵

a model wearing the top in green


A pair of high-waisted biker shorts that are pretty lengthy, making them a perfect choice for when the sun sets and the air becomes just a bit crisper (yes, despite the raging heat, chilly summer nights do still exist).

a model wearing these shorts in black


A high-low maxi skirt for taking your favorite blouse up a notch. A sexy slit plus a breathable fabric really does tie any look together!

a model wearing this skirt in dusty rose


And a pair of paperbag shorts, because the little bit of frill at the top of these pants are what makes them look so amazing with crop tops (AKA, your preferred top of the sweaty season).

a model wearing the shorts in beige


A fringe tunic, because there’s no reason you can’t dabble in a bit of color and style when dressing light. Sure, this is technically a cover-up — but no one will know if you wear this as a dress over some nude undergarments!

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