27 Pieces Of Furniture From Target That Successfully Balance Comfort With Style


A round ottoman because your feetsies need a break — I mean, they probably don’t enjoy all that pressure. But why would you rest your feet on a hard table when you can use one ultra-comfy ottoman made of a delicious creamy material and earthy legs.

a round ottoman in cream and brown on a rug in a living room


A wood base sofa so you can finally face dive onto something comfy and stylish after your last Zoom meeting. The usually forgotten sofa legs are accentuated with a polished wooden finish to make this a true stand-out piece.

a wood base sofa in light gray in a living room


A set of acacia wood lounge chairs that’ll allow you to catch rays with style (just remember to apply sunscreen generously). Let’s just put the rich wood finish on the side for a minute and focus on the backrest with high armrests for simple but sleek additions that aren’t face-marking mesh.

an acacia wood lounge chair in cream under a blue umbrella


A faux fur slipper chair since the universe has finally decided we need the dreamy inside of a faux-fur slipper on all of our seats. The armless silhouette adds a distinctive touch of unique design to spotlight the living room.

a faux fur slipper chair in a living room


A woven bench because everyone needs a quaint, cozy reading nook, don’t you think? The rich, wooden legs add a little pizzazz, while the woven material is working a double-shift earning itself both style and comfort.

a woven bench with a pillow and book on top


A set of rattan barstools you clearly deserve because those old, candy red cracked barstools have been around wayyyyy too long. Instead, try sipping your mojito, or cup o’ joe, in a beautifully crafted rattan design that’ll help you relax the day away.


A fringe hammock that’s not your mere tie-to-a-tree-once-a-year type of piece. The fringes will look marvelous when a slight breeze comes through as you stretch out and get comfy with your book, playlist, or podcast.

a fringe hammock with two colors handing in a backyard


A contemporary velvet sofa so you can lounge like a roaring ’20s Gatsby with contemporary ease and comfort. The aesthetics of velvet speak for themselves, and the creamy smooth material is even more apparent.

A teal contemporary velvet sofa in a living room


A set of swoop-arm dining chairs because you deserve to eat your meals on something not modeled after an NYC subway seat. Let the gorgeous cream-colored upholstery and long wooden legs complement your gazpacho (because you’re now royalty).

a cream colored swoop dining arm chair in a living room


A mid-century recliner to show you a recliner doesn’t have to be that loose leather contraption that is only reserved for Dad. The royal purple color and slight tuft patterning bring the style points, while the extra padding adds comfort. Talk about a trade deal.

a set of purple recliner chairs in a living room


A starlight headboard every bit as out of this world as it is comfy. We are all made of star stuff, so send your headboard to another galaxy that won’t hurt your head if you accidentally bang into it.

a headboard with star motifs


An L-shaped wood writing desk that’ll help you stay organized, productive, and stylish while you write that paper due tomorrow on a desk with plenty of arm room. The formula for style is simple: one-part cast-iron accents paired with one-part deep wooden tabletops. C’est magnifique!

a wood writing desk in gray next to a chair and bookcase


A set of velvet ottomans because comfort (and style, for that matter) thrives in redundancy. Nothing will spoil the flair more than having a bunch of random ottomans all over the home; instead, opt for some with uniform material, peach and gold patterning, and extra storage space, to boot!

three peach and gold storage ottomans


A loveseat swing to quite literally bring comfort wherever you go. It’s amazing how adding some white cushions and wrapping the unsightly chain support with an innocuous rope will turn your front porch into the perfect hangout spot.

a loveseat swim with black and white cushions next to a tiny table


A home office chair so your lower back can catch a break from the dreadful sending-emails-all-day position. Straight back, please. Usually, the office chair is bulky and not at all subtle; however, this one comes in an understated color that says, “we’ll get through this work project together.”

a lilac office chair next to a wooden desk


Or a swivel barrel chair giving your home some utopian, futuristic vibes with its unique curvatures and golden base. I don’t think I need to explain the comfort-inducing material that is velvet, so let’s just gaze upon the teal color and 360 wooden frame for a minute.

a swivel barrel chair in teal and gold


A velvet chaise because you deserve to lounge around the high gardens like the Roman emperor you are. I bet all your WFH colleagues will be oh so envious that you shifted your space to revolve around a tufted, velvety piece suitable for a royal museum.

a gray velvet chaise in a living room next to flowers


A three-piece living room set to shock your space with elegance and grace in one swoop. Who doesn’t love a sofa and chair bundle, especially when it comes in perfect color contrasts, tapered legs, and years of dependable, melt-into-worthy comfort?

a three-piece blue living room set in a living room with wooden floors


A swivel armchair bringing the term “taking care of business” to a whole new level of style. Velvet and faux-gold legs? Well, yes, please.

a blue and gold swivel armchair with a pillow on it


A knit pouf that’ll remind you of grandma’s cross-stitching while being a stylish, heartwarming addition to your home. As opposed to resting your feet on a table, a pouf screams comfort that is good to the last stitch.

a blue knit pouf in a living room


A two-seater gliding patio bench because after all those hours spent planting your precious little green bbs, you deserve to take a load off on something equally stylish and comfortable. The sleek black frame makes the garden look elegant while the cushions give it that perfect “sit here, you’ll love it” vibe.

the bench with gray cushions


An outdoor sunbed here to help you snooze away those dog days of summer. The sunbed is accompanied with waterproof foam seat covers that is practically asking you to take that meeting outside.

a beige day bed in a living room


A futon sofa bed so you can get rid of that ghastly metal bar in your standard convertible sofa with something that is cool, calm, and comfortable. The solid kiln-dried hardwood combined with the deep navy color will surely make your houseguests look forward to spending the night.

a navy blue futon bed in a living room


A five-piece outdoor wicker sofa set because where in the summer furniture rulebook does it say outdoor furniture must be uncomfortable, staid, and hauled in the garage once fall hits? Instead, deck the patio with earthy wicker and seated padding perfect for those summer backyard shindigs.

A navy blue six-piece rattan sofa set overlooking the coast


A large bean bag lounger you may think is more suited for a college house but is actually destined to be the showcase of your living room comfort pieces. Simply plop onto the bag after a long day and let the memory foam do its job to adjust to your contours.

a person laying on a navy bean bag lounger placed in the living room


A counter-height dining table that’ll give your kitchen a gorgeous wooden flair and let you get comfy while standing on the black metal footrests. Spoiler alert: sitting = bad. So take a stand while you nosh on a snack.

a counter height dining table


A modern club chair because the words “club chair” with “stylish” can totally be in the same sentence — in fact, it should be encouraged! Especially when we’re talking about a lounge chair designed with stripped-back ivory colors that’ll look amazing in any room.

an ivory wooden chair in a living room and next to a coffee table

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