27 Funny Movie Details That Will Completely Distract You Once You Know Them

There’s a lot of great movies out there. And sometimes, a movie is SO good that you watch it over, and over, and over…

But have you ever watched a movie for the umpteenth time and noticed a funny detail for the very first time?! Like, how did you miss it before, right? I mean, in your defense, a lot of great movie details and Easter eggs are REALLY small.

Well, here are a bunch of REALLY funny movie details people on Reddit have noticed only recently that I’m willing to bet you also missed (or, IDK, maybe you already knew about these!):

For the record, the caption for the stock image reads: “Kathleen Malone works on tax returns at the Cincinnati Internal Revenue Service Center April 8, 2005 in Covington, Kentucky. The tax filing deadline is a week away.” And here’s an even better look at Kathleen’s inspirational outfit:

A woman with a yellow vest over a yellow sweater, with short grey hair and reading glasses stamping tax forms

A side-by-side for comparison:

Eddie Murphy in Coming to America with his arms up, then bending over as he exits stage, and then Elvis at his last concert doing the same move back in 1977

The menu reads: “Our small 13″ pizza is really the same size as the others.”

Close up of a menu

A close-up so you can see better:

"Nothing to be ashamed of"

? ? ?

Two people falling onto a bed with a headboard that says veni veni veni

Here’s the setup and the pay off:

Westley earlier in the movie telling Buttercup that Roberts' ship Revenge is anchored at the far end and then Westley telling Vizzini he'd make a wonderful dread pirate roberts

Here it is zoomed-in for your viewing pleasure:

The director in the shot

A close-up of the cheeky moment:

Two people in a painting in Hogwarts canoodling

For comparison:

Justin Theroux as a guest on the talk show in the Joker, and a driver's license from Due Date of Zack as Ethan Chase

Of course, “Lone Pine Mall” is a joke itself within Back to the Future since it’s called “Twin Pines Mall” before Marty travels back in time and accidentally ~kills~ one of the pine trees the mall is named after, thus changing its future name when he gets ~back to the future~.

For comparison:

The millennium falcon stuck to the side of the ship in both movies


An "Immature" sign

I mean…

A sign for shovels

Who knew Mr. Spell was so horny?!

Mr. Spell's text

The SMOL bottles though ?:

Screen shots from "Rescue Rangers" and "Palm Springs"

Would never have noticed:

The calendar above the TV


Screen shot from "Land of the Dead"

Also, yum?

"Fettuccini Alfredo"


Henry Winkler

Like, ???????

Handprints on the walls

The latest and greatest from those clever folks at Disney animation:

Screen shots from "Encanto"

H/T r/MovieDetails

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