26 TV Shows That Brought In The Most Random Celebs Ever To Guest Star

Look, I love a good celeb guest star. It’s fun to see your favorite stars drop into your favorite shows! But sometimes massive celebs pop up on a show and you’re just like “…huh?”

Usually, this happens when the celeb guest star is not an actor, or just feels really, really out of the place in the subject matter of the show. Here are 26 examples!


We’ll start with the most recent: Megan Thee Stallion on She-Hulk. I’ll forgive them for this one since I love Megan and it was an after-credits scene, but…Megan, what are you doing there??? How are you relevant to the plot???

she-hulk telling megan that she would kill for her and megan replying that she needs to dial it back

Watch the scene here:

Marvel / Disney+ / Via


The absolute worst, though, is when a singer pops on a show to do a performance. No, not as themselves performing at some in-show event where at least it makes sense. I’m talking about when they play a random character who is never seen again, who happens to sing. LIKE SHAWN MENDES ON THE 100.

closeup of Shawn

Shawn literally just shows up to sing a professionally-recorded song in a literal bunker, then Jasper body-slams him. And that’s the last we ever see of this character.

Shawn being body-slammed

Watch the scene here:

The CW / Via


But the holy grail of this trope is Ed Sheeran on Game of Thrones.

Ed Sheeran (labeled "international superstar") pointed out in Game of Thrones

He randomly shows up, sings a song, and then THAT’S IT. It’s even worse than the Shawn example because Game of Thrones is a medieval-inspired fantasy show. At least The 100 is near-future.

Arya: "It's a pretty song. I've never heard it before" Ed: "It's a new one"

You can watch the scene with him here:

HBO / Via


Coldplay’s Will Champion also appeared on Game of Thrones, albeit in a smaller capacity. But what was weird to me is that this bizarre cameo is during the Red Wedding, arguably the most violent and iconic GoT scene of all time. Like, why did they need a celeb cameo in that scene???

Watch the snippet here:

HBO / Via


It’s definitely more acceptable when the musician guest star has an actual reason to perform, like Carly Rae Jepsen on Castle (she was performing on a fake version of SNL). It’s still weird, though, especially when the show doesn’t commonly have full performances. Like, Castle and Beckett take a full-on break from their investigation to jam out to Carly Rae Jepsen.

Carly singing on fake SNL

Watch the clip here:



Similarly, it was super weird when Gossip Girl had *sort* of a musical episode where Dan, Vanessa, and Olivia had to put on a production of Snow White using Lady Gaga lyrics.

Hillary Duff singing "love game" by lady gaga to Dan

And then at the end, Blair “pulled some strings,” and Lady Gaga HERSELF showed up to perform. Like, a full Grammy Awards-worthy performance, to a few NYU students. It was odd, to say the least.

Blair says Lady Gaga is letting them see her dress rehearsal, then they watch her perform

Watch the scene here:

The CW / Via


Even stranger was Carrie Underwood on Cobra Kai. You know, the karate show? What is an American country singer doing there???

carrie on stage

Watch the scene here:

Netflix / Via


It’s not just musicians; shows will throw on all different kinds of celebrities. Like Bill Nye on Blindspot, playing himself but also…Patterson’s dad?

characters surprised that Bill Nye the Science Guy is Patterson's dad

Watch one of his scenes here:

NBC / Via


Olympic athletes also randomly cameo on shows. Like gold medal gymnast Kerri Strug on Beverly Hills, 90210… Kerri’s honestly fine in this scene, but I can’t with the dialogue. It’s so forced. Who says, “Do I have to win a gold medal or something to get into a class I want?”

character asking if she's an olympian and if she has her gold medal with her

Watch the scene here:

Fox / Via


Though the absolute best example of this is Shawn Johnson’s appearance on The Secret Lie of the American Teenager, where she (I guess?) flirts with Ricky. I’ll try to show it below, but screencaps don’t do it justice.

Shawn and Ricky run into each other in the school hallway and awkwardly flirt but Shawn says she's busy

Please, please, watch the scene here — you won’t regret it:

Freeform / Via


Back to musicians…One Tree Hill was known for its musical guest stars (which mostly made sense, as they performed at the in-show club/music venue Tric). But one guest deserves a mention on this list, and that’s Pete Wentz, who first appeared with Fall Out Boy.

Karen introduces Fall Out Boy - they play "Dance Dance"

Which, fine. Normal enough. But things get worse when he appears AGAIN, and FLIRTS WITH PEYTON. A 17-YEAR-OLD.

Pete asks Peyton who's up next, and she says fall out boy, and pete says that band sucks but the bass player's cool - peyton sees it's pete and thanks him for being there, and he says he wouldn't have missed it 'cause he gets to see her again

THEN THEY START DATING FOR A COUPLE EPISODES. Like this random high school girl is just…dating Pete Wentz. We’re supposed to believe that???

Peyton and Pete Wentz on swings, Pete saying he feels like he know Payton pretty well

Watch a scene with him and Peyton here:

The WB / Via


Okay, sorry, I gotta mention one more One Tree Hill one. Season 8 saw lots of musical guests at Tric, including Kid Cudi. This one was kind of a big deal IMO, just because of how big Kid Cudi is and how much less popular OTH was from its heyday in Season 8.

close up of Kid Cudi performing

But the reason why this one is so bizarre is that, like, ten episodes later, the fact that Kid Cudi performed becomes a low-key major storyline that somehow reveals that Brooke is pregnant. Which is a huge deal considering she’s been trying to have a kid for seasons.

brooke explaining that she gave her pee to someone for a drug test and that's how she found out she was pregnant

It also involved the Air Force and pot brownies and a flashback to Kid Cudi’s entourage forcing Chase to smoke a joint, and the whole thing, and the fact that it somehow led to Brooke realizing she was pregnant…truly a mess.

Chase being told he can't leave the room until he smokes


Sorry, another GG one — anyone else remember when the MAYOR of NEW YORK (at the time) guest starred? Mike Bloomberg shows up for two seconds in the finale to express shock at Dan being Gossip Girl. Like, what???? How does he even know about GG?

Mayor Bloomberg looks at his phone and tells an aide: "I'm shocked! I thought it was Dorota!"

Watch the scene here:

The CW / Via


Supernatural had a lot of wild guest stars, but there’s one that felt ESPECIALLY out of pocket: Paris Hilton. Now, Paris had done a few acting jobs, but for some reason, she played herself in the show…but like, she was also a pagan god?

Paris appears, punches Dean, and says "awesome"

Even more bizarre, Hilton had recently starred in House of Wax with Jared Padalecki, who played Sam in the show. This means that if this is the same Paris, she should recognize Sam as Jared — which doesn’t happen. They do, however, make a funny reference.

Dean tells Paris he's not a fan and hasn't seen House of Wax, and Sam looks offended, before Paris says she can read Dean's mind

Watch the scene here:

The CW / Via


The wildest Supernatural guest star to me, though, was Snooki. Yep, Snooki of Jersey Shore fame. Again, playing herself — but she’s possessed by a demon.

Sam asks "is that..." and Dean says "that explains a lot" as we see Snooki

Watch the scene here:

The CW / Via


Next, I’m going to nominate one I actually like, but was super wild — when Prince showed up on New Girl.

Jess and Nick look shocked as they hear Prince say "Hi, I'm Prince, so what seems to be the problem?" then turn around

Basically, they end up at a party at his house, and he steps in to help Nick and Jess with their relationship problems. Like, fully, he is the reason they end the episode on good terms. SO random but also I kind of love it.

Prince saying "How rude of me. I haven't given you enough time to freak out. You may do so now" to Nick and Jess, who then freak out, in New Girl

Watch the scene where Nick and Jess meet him here:

Fox / Via


Another New Girl one — Taylor Swift. She shows up at Cece and Shivrang’s ill-fated wedding to declare her love for Shivrang in true “Speak Now” fashion, and while it’s a great bit of casting, it is SO random.

On New Girl, Shivrang says "I want to marry you!" and Taylor Swift stands up

Watch the scene here:

Fox / Via


Yet another example of an ultra-famous pop star appearing on a show for no real reason is Britney Spears on Jane the Virgin.

Jane sees Britney then tells Mateo it's a really big deal that she's there

Turns out, Rogelio and Britney have some beef from the past — you know what, as celeb guest star explanations go, this one isn’t terrible. But still — Britney freaking Spears is just casually hanging with Jane for a lot of the episode!

Rogelio apologizes and says he hopes their friendship can be as strong as it was - britney says it'll be "stronger than yesterday"

Watch the scene here:

The CW / Via


Disney Channel actually had a few huge guest stars, like Dolly Parton on Hannah Montana — though that kind of made sense, as the main character was a famous singer. One that made a little less sense? Dwayne Johnson on Wizards of Waverly Place.

Dwayne says he's Dwayne Johnson, and Selena, pretending she knows who that is, says, "Ohhh, you're Dwayne Johnson"

Basically, he shows up to visit Max, who is pretending he has a fake disease called mono-orangosis. Why specifically The Rock, a massive superstar, over any other actor? No reason.

Justin telling his mom "Dwayne Johnson is upstairs with Max because he pretended to have mono-orangosis again" then Dwayne and Max playing video games

Watch the scene when he first appears here:

Disney Channel / Via


Another wild Wizards of Waverly Place guest star was Shakira.

Shakira says hi and waves as Alex looks shocked

She literally just walks into the Russo’s sandwich shop. She then morphs into Alex’s uncle (who has been Shakira this whole time!!!), but I’m pretty sure that only makes this example more nonsensical.

Alex dances with Shakira, who turns into a man. Alex asks "Uncle Kelbo?"

Watch the first scene with Shakira here:

Disney Channel / Via


Another random massive cameo on a kid’s show was when Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler showed up as Santa on Lizzie McGuire. First of all, Steven Tyler is a major rockstar and it was super random to have him on a kid’s show. He’s dressed as Santa the entire episode, and at the end, he sings a song, when it’s finally acknowledged that he’s Steven Tyler. It is SO RANDOM.

Steven Tyler says righteous and Gordo says "Santa just said righteous" then later, Steven performs "Santa Clause Is Coming To Town"

Watch the scene here:

Disney Channel / Via


Even though Hannah Montana was about a celebrity, I still think it was super strange for Larry David, of all people, to randomly appear. Like, the Venn diagram of fans of Larry David and fans of Hannah Montana is just…two separate circles.

Larry David says "are you kidding to a restaurant host" after he seats Hannah and not him, with his daughter saying "but he's Larry David!"

Watch the scene here:

Disney Channel / Via


Another super weird Hannah Montana guest star was John Cena, who was really not an actor at the time. He shows up in Jackson’s magazine — then, as a fully formed hallucination who kicks Jackson’s butt in order to convince Jackson that reading is fun. No, I did not make that sentence up.

John Cena appearing, wrestling Jackson and then saying reading is a joy

Watch the scene here:

Disney Channel / Via


One of the biggest stars on this list is Kim K. Considering her fame, you wouldn’t expect her to show up on a random sitcom like 2 Broke Girls. But…she does. It actually does kind of make sense to see her in the episode, which is centered around KUWTK producers planning to shoot an episode at Max and Caroline’s cupcake window. Kim doesn’t show up until the very end, when she apologizes for it not working out. But still — she’s Kim freaking Kardashian!!! What is she doing on 2 Broke Girls??

Kim introduces herself to a shocked Max and Caroline

Watch the scene here:

CBS / Via


Kim and her sister Khloe also quickly appeared on 90210 back when they were a little less famous. In the episode, they played themselves, bringing Naomi some clothes from DASH.

Naomi thanks Kim and Khloe for bringing the dresses over and Kim says "it's our pleasure"

I think the main reason I found this so weird — besides the Kardashian’s mega-fame — was that Naomi openly insults Kim in the scene and perpetuates stereotypes about Kim. Like, why the heck did Kim want to appear??

Kim tells Naomi friends wouldn't ask friends to give them dresses for free, and Naomi says "okay bitch." Khloe asks "what did you say?" angrily and Naomi apologizes, saying she meant to say "ho"

Watch the scene here:

The CW / Via


And finally, truly the most bizarre example to me is Big Bird on The West Wing.

Big Bird

Watch the scene here:

NBC / Via

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What other guest stars did you find super bizarre and out of place? Let us know in the comments!

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