26 Things That’ll Solve Your Fall Problems While Serving Up Almost Too Much Fashion

Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.


A cuddly teddy jacket that’ll feel like a warm hug every time you pull it on, which’ll really come in handy when you’re forced outside away from your precious couch/blanket/pillow sitch.


A color-block shawl as a cozy source of warmth in that weird space between wearing a denim jacket and full-on coat. Plus it’ll look so fab!


A Wednesday Addams classic to help satisfy any costume needs that may arise for virtual Halloween hangouts. Also, it’s just a dang cute dress!


A thermal top with ties in the front to help ya’ build a cute fall outfit that’s warm but not too warm. Turns out, apple picking makes for some great cardio!

model wearing dusty rose color waffle knit button up shirt that ties in the front styled with some distressed jeans


Knit and faux fur-lined booties more or less made for jumping into piles of leaves. They’ll keep your feet toasty without being *too* toasty. Here’s to those fall days that start out with full-on sweater weather and turn into T-shirt weather come afternoon!


Wrist warmers to help keep your fingers mobile when the powers that be haven’t switched over your office from frigid summer AC temps just yet or when you’re having some outdoor fun but it’s not *quite* gloves weather just yet.

person's hands with light gray sweater-like wrist warmers that are about six inches long but leave room for lots of hand and finger movement


A winter hat that somehow looks good on everyone, which’ll increase the number of days you’ll spray dry shampoo on your dirty hair, wear a cute hat, and call it a stylish day. When you’re not dripping in summery sweat all the time, you can get away with getting a few more days outta every wash. I say take advantage! I surely do.


And a stylish floppy hat you can use to cover up greasy roots or just keep the sun out of your peepers when you’re feeling a bit dressier.

reviewer at a wine tasting wearing the burdundy hat


Sherpa-lined sweats for when regular ole sweatpants just aren’t enough. These’ll keep you nice and toasty.


A Hallowqueen-worthy pullover to let everyone know who rules the spooky szn on your block. It’s you, not your neighbor. YOU.

model wearing black sweatshirt that says Halloqueen on it with a jack o lantern design


Faux-leather leggings from Spanx’s line for Target for graduating to some not-hard pants when it’s pants weather. Plus they look so good!


Over-the-knee boots for when you’d rather not wear tights *just yet* but can’t walk out of the house with bare legs and a skirt.


A weatherproof packable vest to lend some extra warmth in a small amount of room. (Sometimes 40 degrees feels way colder in one place than another when you’re traveling.)


A faux-fur collar you can use to zhuzh up your go-to fall jacket, wear like a shrug with a cocktail dress, or warm up your four-legged BFF. Sometimes you just need a bit of refresh even though your fall coat is perfectly fine!


A plaid blanket pashmina for that in-between time when you wanna be wrapped up but not feel like you’re roasting, y’know?! It isn’t cold enough yet for an actual blanket scarf (a la Lenny) but I like where your head’s at.


A Levi’s sherpa-lined trucker jacket you’ll probably pass down to your grandkids because these things are keepers — both for longevity and style-sake! Welcome to the club that has two members (you and me) for wearing these as long as humanly possible before slipping into a down coat.

model wearing the light beige sherpa-lined collared trucker jacket


A waterproof rain jacket to help you prepare for fall rain showers. It’s breathable enough to keep you from feeling like you’re in a sauna!


Boot socks that’ll transform your wellies for those rainy autumn days with a nip in the air.


Or Everlane ankle boots in case you’re like me and wellies give you the sweats but you could use some protection from slick fall leaves.

person pulling on ankle length rain boots


A faux fur-lined cardi that’s substantial enough to leave the house wearing when you’d rather not bother with a coat. Are you walking the runway or just running errands?

model wearing a gray chunky cardigan with toggles up the front that's also lined in faux fur


A lightweight water-resistant down coat as a topper against the fall chill that’ll pack down to fit in a small bag. Affordable, available in eight colors, and easy to transport? Sign me up!


A cozy turtleneck dress in case you’d like to get cozy *and* pants-less but socially acceptable. I personally look forward to Winnie the Pooh-levels of comfort one day!


A faux-suede mini skirt just begging to be paired with your black turtleneck and boots.

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