26 Things From Target We’re Pretty Sure Your Home Would Ask You To Buy, If It Could Talk


A beautiful yet practical coiled rope basket, because your home deserves storage solutions that aren’t eyesores. This basket is soft but structured, and offers plenty of space to stash blankets, coffee table books, your kids’ toys, and more – but with ~style~.


A bottle of daily shower cleaner, so you can keep your bathroom mildew-free, just the way it wants you to, with almost zero effort on your part. Just spritz some of this lemon-and-mint-scented stuff in the tub or on your shower walls and floors when you’re done washing up each day, and then just…walk away. Yes, really. Regular use will prevent soap scum buildup and other weird… growths. What a blessing.

The daily shower cleaner


A ceramic table lamp that looks like a dinosaur, because I mean, what home wouldn’t want this in it? It’s practical. It’s space-efficient. And it is super fun to look at. Everybody wins!

The dinosaur lamp


A gold-tone metal scent diffuser that’s as nice to look at as it is effective. Just fill the reservoir with water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil; the diffuser will then fill the air with a delightfully scented mist for six hours or until the water runs out (whichever comes first) – after which it will automatically shut off. And the flower-shaped cutouts are just so pretty, y’all.

The diffuser


A rollout under-the-sink organizer, because your home will absolutely appreciate it if you take the time to get every last inch of it under control. With adjustable compartments and even a spot for a sponge, this organizer gives a new meaning to the phrase, “A place for everything, and everything in its place” — and thanks to the roll-out function, it’s easy to get to everything, too.

The undersink organizer


A string of fairy lights with little photo clips attached, so you can light up your life *and* relive your favorite memories at the same time. The 16 rose gold, clothespin-style clips on this adorable string of lights are perfect for creating a photo wall of your most-beloved pics (I see you, Instax fans!) – but they’re also removable, if you like to change things up from time to time.

The string lights with photos hanging from the clips


A classic mail station and key hook that’ll keep your home organized throughout all your comings and goings. The open-top storage box can hold not just ingoing or outgoing mail, but also masks, to-do lists, or whatever else you have in your can’t-leave-home-without-it arsenal. Plus, the three hanging hooks give you a convenient spot for your keys, scarves, hats, and more. Running-out-the-door stress, begone!

The mail station


An adorably rustic round wall mirror to bring some cottagecore charm to your home while also giving you all the benefits of an extra reflective surface. Bounce light around your space! Make the whole room feel bigger! Gaze adoringly at your beautiful mug! And, thanks to the wooden frame and vegan leather hanging strap, do it all with ~panache~!


A four-piece marbled stoneware bathroom accessories set, so your hardworking toothbrush will finally live in the luxury it deserves. This set includes a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, a storage canister, and a tray to keep everything all neat and tidy. Your sink has never had it this good.

The bathroom accessories set


A six-piece variety pack of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, because life is messy, but your home doesn’t have to be. This multi-pack includes two each of the bathroom, kitchen, and extra-durable versions, so you’ll be prepared for *literally* anything. No matter the mess — or where that mess is located within your home — just grab one of these, wet it, squeeze it out, and get scrubbing. Bam. Gone.

The Magic Eraser


A pair of striped cotton kitchen towels that tick both the “effective” and “pretty” boxes. Made of soft, 100% cotton terry, they’re excellent at their actual job — drying dishes — but they also come in such lovely shades that they do double duty as kitchen décor, too. And hey, there’s no such thing as having too many dish towels, right?

the white and blue kitchen towels


A quirky little planter that — bonus! — will also make sure you never lose your glasses again. Designed to double as an eyeglasses holder, this face-shaped planter wears your specs for you when they’re not on your own face. Hilarious? Yes. Adorable? Yes. Functional? Yes. Multi-functional? YES. Your home would jump for joy if it could.

the white planter with a pair of glasses on the nose


Or a 72-inch faux ficus tree in a cute lil’ basket, because it is 100% okay if you absolutely cannot, under any circumstances, keep a plant alive. (It’s me. I’m talking about me.) This surprisingly realistic artificial ficus will bring a touch of greenery to your space, even if you’re essentially a plant assassin. It’s okay. We all have our failings. That doesn’t mean we don’t deserve nice things.

The faux ficus


An extendable, heavy-duty duster, so you can finally do something about that annoying cobweb the corner of your ceiling has been screaming at you to get rid of for, like, months. This handle, from the geniuses at Swiffer, stretches out to a full six feet — a boon for shorties with no reach, like yours truly! — while the duster head itself *actually* traps dust, instead of just spreading it around.

A model using the duster


A plush weighted blanket that’ll work wonders for anxious sleepers. (Your bed truly wants you to get all the shuteye you need!) Snuggling under one of these is like snoozing inside a giant hug. And the cover of this 15-pound pick is machine washable, too.

The weighted blanket in the color Taupe


A wall-hung wooden letterboard, so you can change up your art situation whenever you think your walls might be getting bored. The board’s grooves are laser-cut for precise letter placement, and it comes with a whopping 181-piece letter set so you can compose the most epic of messages. We stan a versatile décor scheme.


A seven-piece set of Instagram-famous Caraway cookware, because cooking is even more fun when you love the gear you use. Each piece of this ceramic nonstick set looks beautiful and cooks phenomenally. Heck yes.

The cookware set in the color Perracotta


An Echo Show 8, so you can operate your smart home devices, manage your schedule, listen to Spotify, watch Netflix, and more, all with one voice-activated device. Unlike the Echo or Echo Dot, the Show features an actual screen on the device — which opens up a whole world of possibilities that a mere speaker could never even dream of.

The Echo Show in the color Glacier White


An excellent yet affordable bidet attachment from Bio Bidet, because every home should have at least one toilet with a bidet. (Seriously. I mean it.) This sleek, easily installed pick is totally hydraulic, so if you don’t have an electrical outlet near your toilet, you can still experience the joys of one of these magical bathroom gadgets. Once you do, you’ll never go back.

The bidet


A 6-quart Instant Pot Duo that’ll save you so. much. time when it comes to feeding yourself and/or your household. This ubiquitous, seven-in-one appliance not only pressure cooks, but also slow cooks, sautés, makes rice and yogurt, steams veggies and other foods, and keeps everything warm if it finishes cooking before you’re ready to eat. There’s a reason this massively useful item has basically taken over the at-home culinary landscape.

The Instant Pot


An enameled cast iron Dutch oven from Lodge, because your workhorse cookware can, in fact, be simultaneously functional, beautiful, and affordable. Okay, yes, I plug this exact piece all the dang time, but folks. It is just. that. great. Between soups and stews and breads and braises, it is hands-down the most-used item in my kitchen — and despite not being as pricey as some of the prestige brands out there, it’s both sturdy and stunning, and I anticipate continuing to get tons of use out of it for years to come.

The Dutch oven in the color Blue


A tub of multifunctional cleansing paste that’s sure to get just about anything in your home sparkling ✨ — even the things you didn’t realize you actually had to clean. Use it on pots and pans! Tackle soap scum in your bathroom with it! Get those water stains off of your stainless-steel appliance with it! Clean your sink (because yep, your sink needs a regular scrub, too) with it! Reviewers say there’s almost nothing it can’t clean — and the difference between the before and after is often visibly noticeable.

The Power Paste cleaner


A decorative shower curtain, because it’s the perfect way to upgrade from a plain ol’ liner. This gorgeous, floral-printed pick will pull your bathroom together in a way it’s never been before. Oh, and bonus: Since it’s 100% cotton, it’s machine-washable for super duper easy care.

The shower curtain


A three-piece mesh router system that’ll boost the internet signal in your home in ways you wouldn’t believe. No need to suffer weird dead zones scattered throughout your abode; a good mesh router like this one will extend and strengthen the Wi-Fi signal so that it reaches *everywhere*.


A pleated and tasseled velvet throw pillow or two, so you can finally add that certain je ne sais quoi to your space. And even if you know people who believe there is such a thing as *too* many throw pillows (me, for instance — guilty as charged), you get to put as many throw pillows on your couch as you like. Your home just wants you to be happy, and if that means having a million luxurious pillows all over the place, so be it.

Three of the throw pillows in the colors Terracotta, Dark Green, and Gold


And a set of dishwasher- and microwave-safe two-tone stoneware dishes that’ll dress up your dining table with some understated sophistication. This 16-piece service for four includes dinner plates, salad plates, mugs, and bowls — and, I mean, let’s be honest: We all deserve to feel fancy even when dinner is cereal.

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