26 Hard-Working Products From Target That Work Well And Have Impressive Reviews To Prove It


A Ninja blender to easily crush, blend and puree fruits, veggies and anything else you throw in it. Reviewers say the powerful blades get rid of any chunks, ensuring your smoothies are always super, well, smooth. Best of all, you can throw all the pieces in the dishwasher once you’re done blending — no annoying handwash cleanup required.


A Cuisinart air fryer and toaster oven that has over 5,500 5-star reviews — that’s a lot of satisfied customers. There’s a reason everyone has jumped on the air fryer bandwagon — crispy “fried” food without the grease and heartburn. This one doubles as a toaster oven, so it’ll pretty much be the only kitchen appliance you ever use.

Air fryer with a plate of food next to it


A dishwasher-safe 15-piece nonstick cookware set in a gorgeous champagne color that’ll totally make you feel like a professional chef every time you whip up an omelette. Get rid of your old cheap pans and invest in this quality set that comes highly recommended by tons of shoppers; it’ll last you for years and might even make you want to cook more often.


A 400-thread count printed sheet set that’s a longtime Target favorite because of its quality and the beautiful colors and patterns it comes in. The super popular set includes a fitted and flat sheet and pillowcases, and has over 4,000 5-star reviews to prove how good it is.


A stainless-steel step trash and recycle can to make recycling so. much. easier. It’ll look super sleek and chic in your kitchen, help the environment and hold all that nasty, dirty trash. Who knew a trash can could bring so much joy?!

One part of the trash can open


An illuminated electric tea kettle for all the tea lovers out there. If you still have a whistling stove top kettle, it’s time to up your Earl Grey game and invest in an electric kettle that’ll make boiling water a breeze. You’ll never go back to that annoying whistle again.

Tea kettle on a counter next to bowl with cookies, lemon, honey and tea bags


A 3-in-1 ceramic flat iron that straightens, creates waves and curls, so it’s the only hot tool you’ll ever need. It leaves your hair smooth and sleek, and unlike cheap straighteners, this one locks in moisture to protect your hair’s health, so it won’t end up fried or frizzed out.

Flat iron


A five-pack of striped dish towels that’ll last you for years because of how well made and absorbent they are. Unlike other towels, they won’t leave streaks or that annoying fuzz all over your wineglasses, so there won’t be any need for double drying. Save time, money and the hassle.


A Ring video wireless doorbell that’s motion activated and sends alerts to your phone, so no matter where you are, you can tell what’s going on at your front door. It has a two-way communication setting for added safety and so you can scare your friends while they walk up to your door (not that we would ever do something like that ?).

Ring doorbell next to a blue door


A 10-piece Rachael Ray nonstick baking set so you can replace those rusty old cookie sheets and have a fancy matching set. Whip up bakery-style muffins and three-layer birthday cakes with this baking set that’ll make you feel like a Food Network pro and last you for years and years.

Baking sheets, pans, muffin tin, loaf tin and lid for pan


A 5-quart air fryer with 12 functions that air fries, bakes, and dehydrates among other things. If you want perfectly crispy fries and golden-brown fried chicken without having to break out the bottle of EVOO, this handy appliance and its hundreds of rave reviews are calling your name.

Air fryer filled with fried chicken on a kitchen countertop


A Shark cordless stick vacuum so you can actually reach that dusty ceiling fan and those icky kitchen cabinet tops you haven’t touched since you moved in…two years ago. This stick vacuum will do it all for you and also converts into a handheld to make cleaning a total breeze instead of a dreaded chore.


A bamboo flatware drawer organizer that’ll make you sigh with delight every time you open the utensil drawer (instead of panicking and wondering how long it’ll take you to find a fork, only to end up settling for a spoon again). Keep your flatware organized at all times with this $12 divider.

Bamboo drawer organizer


A nonstick flip waffle-maker that’s sure to transform you into a brunch-at-home kind of person. It’s easy to use and clean and makes one beautifully crispy and golden waffle after another, every time.


A tufted area rug that’s machine washable, because spills and stains happen and your rug should be able to withstand them all. It’s cozy, comfy and it’ll instantly elevate your room. And if there’s a spill — the washer will do all the work for you.

Gray and white area rug under a brass coffee table in a living room


A 3-in-1 toilet cleaning kit with more than 3,500 5-star reviews to prove it’s the best way to clean your bathroom. One reviewer said it’s the easiest way to clean toilets, and because that’s a chore nobody likes to do, you might as well make it as easy and efficient as possible.


A three-pack of magic erasers that work hard so you don’t have to. Instead of getting an arm workout trying to scrub crayon-covered walls and a splatter-stained stove, get a pack of these cleaning sponges that shoppers promise work like a charm. Or rather, magic.

Person scrubbing red sauce splattered stove


A sandwich bag that you can use over and over again. If you’re looking for ways to reduce single-use items throughout your home, start with these. They are made from 100% food-grade silicone, are dishwasher-safe and a great sustainable, planet-friendly choice.

the blue bag with brussels sprouts inside


A makeup-removing washcloth to clean makeup off without the need for any product or aggressive scrubbing. It’s super soft and gentle on your skin and beats disposable remover wipes that only work once and then need to be tossed.

Gray makeup remover cloth


A Roomba robot vacuum cleaner that’ll literally do all the cleaning for you while you sit, put your feet up and sip on some coffee. Reviewer after reviewer say it’s totally worth the investment because of how well it cleans and how convenient it is to operate the little robot through an app on your phone.

Roomba cleaning a hardwood floor


A faux leather armchair to add some mid-century flair and a super comfy spot to sit. One shopper said people always want to sit in this chair which is a good sign of how comfy it is. Get ready — because everyone in your household is gonna want to claim this as their chair.

the brown faux leather chair


A Dash rapid egg cooker that reviewers say makes the perfect eggs, every time. Hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached, scrambled, it can do it all — it even makes an omelet. Bye-bye, over-priced Sunday brunch eggs Benedict.

Dash egg cooker with a plate of deviled eggs next to it


A sulfate-free L’Oréal purple shampoo to get rid of those annoying brassy tones that turn your hair from blonde to orange. Use this shampoo every couple of days, and you’ll be amazed at how it brightens and refreshes your blonde locks after every use. Total must-have.

Model washing their hair with purple shampoo


A cult-favorite Scrub Daddy sponge that totally means you’re an adult because you have a favorite sponge. Hundreds of reviewers say it’s the only sponge they’ll ever use again, and once you try it, you’ll say the same. It saves time, soap, and arm muscle.

Yellow smiley-face Scrub Daddy sponge


A pack of Dr Teal’s lavender epsom salt if you could seriously use a relaxing bath to de-stress. People say no other brand even compares to Dr Teal’s, and this ~soothe and sleep~ formula is the ultimate way to decompress after a long day.

the bag of lavender epsom salts


A super popular vitamin C facial serum that thousands of reviewers rave about. It smoothes, brightens, and firms without being greasy, and is paraben, sulfate, and phthalate free. Serums can cost a ton of money, especially when they’re this good, which is why this one is considered such a holy grail product.

sudsy hands holding the bottle of serum

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