25 WTF-Inducing Photos I Came Across This Week That Raise A LOT Of Questions


Why would you cover up a Holocaust memorial with a bunch of tributes for the Queen?

Twitter: @graceldean


Why would you fake a seizure in a Walmart for a stupid prank video? And why would you get into the ambulance when it came?

a person in an ambulance

Like, really…why?!

A mayoral candidate's sign that says, "A bad-a** with a big d***!"


Why would take a blowup doll out to a restaurant on a dinner date? And why does it look like she’s breaking up with him?

a blowup doll on a date with a guy

“It’s not you — it’s me.”

closeup of blowup doll

Sir…this is a Wendy’s.

closeup of the sign


Why would you want to have a “Who cheated more” competition with your ex? And why would you want to share with everyone how, um, uncommitted you were to each other?

long list of people that an ex-couple cheated with

Totally normal: “I know da cure 4 muffin top, body odor, and skin cancer. I want control of the White House for trade”

the sign

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