25 Things From Target That Can Help Fix Common Household Problems


A heavy-duty extendable handle duster because ignoring the dust on your ceiling fan is no longer working; you need some help. But don’t fret: You no longer need to stand on boxes to reach when you can simply wipe off the dust easily, from fans or other hard-to-reach places, with 3 whole feet of extension.

person dusting their window blinds, ceiling fan, and AC unit


A set of four lavender-scented Mr. Clean Magic Erasers that’ll make your porcelain look like something out of Buckingham Palace. Dirt, scum, and buildup will be no more with just a little bit of elbow grease (PS: make sure to wear sunglasses while you work, because your sink will be extremely bright!) ?

a person cleaning a sink with white magic eraser


A bottle of drain clog dissolver because you know how it always goes: just when life is going all right and you have pep in your step, BOOM, clogged toilet or backed-up kitchen sink. Let’s try to avoid that setback, especially when it’s as simple as pouring this liquid, which is strong enough to dissolve hair, toilet tissue, grease, and other yuckies.


An air purifier so you can now have the crispest, fresh air on the entire block — even if you have pets, or live directly next to trees and plants that pelt you with pollen. When the weather begins to chill and we start keeping our windows closed, the stagnant air running through our vents can always use a quick pick-me-up from this little buddy.


A 6-foot, six outlet surge protector because the rainy/cold season is approaching, and our wiring may not always be up to the task. This subtle little gadget-saver can be tucked behind the sofa and is the best way to protect your electronics from voltage spikes or other electronic problems during rain, sleet, hail, or snow.


A Google Nest learning thermostat that learns what temperatures you like when, and manages them throughout the day, turning the AC or heat off when you leave and on when you’re about to come home. You can also control the thermostat via app. Either way, it’ll help combat the skyrocketing electric bills that usually come with a perfectly heated or chilled home.

a Google Nest in copper


A portable AC unit because some homes don’t have central AC, or even the right space for a window unit, but that certainly does not mean you have to sweat it out for months on end. A subtle, quiet, portable AC with a dehumidifier, if I may add, will keep the bedroom — or any other room you want to take it to — brrrrrrr’ing as you wait out the rest of the heat.


And while we’re on it, no one should have to find warmth like our ancient ancestors (lighting fires, wearing two pairs of socks and five blankets) when we can opt for a portable heating unit as temperatures begin to dip. Keep your room toasty with ceramic heating elements and two heat settings (plus a fan-only setting to make your home comfy 24/7).


A bagless portable vacuum because our homes are filled with nooks and crannies, which are bound to be filled with particulates like dust, crumbs, or the hair of our four-legged roomies. No need to dislocate a shoulder while lifting a hefty vacuum at an odd angle, when you can achieve maximum power from its handheld counterpart, which has special tools to reach into crevices and get out every last piece of dirt.

the vacuum on carpeted stairs


A Swiffer WetJet floor mop so you can have the ultimate be-all-end-all against dirt and dust that has found refuge on your wooden floors. A Swifter is just an essential piece for keeping your home clean, and the setup and process couldn’t be easier. If it’s floor, this’ll glide across it, taking all the dirt and grime with it.

a purple Swifter wet-jet gliding against a wood floor


A bidet attachment because our American homes really didn’t get the memo on what makes an efficient toilet experience — ask your friends who live in Europe what I’m talking about. Simply install and bear witness to one of the greatest bathroom inventions ever (sorry, 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner).

a blue and white bidet attachment connected to a toilet


A box of Arm & Hammer carpet odor eliminator so you can always have springtime-fresh-smelling rugs in your house — despite what your toddler or pet has to say about it. Hey, spills happen; this is a fact of life. But you can make it so it feels like it never happened, just by sprinkling some powder, letting it sit for 15 minutes, and vacuuming it up for optimal freshness.

a yellow and green box of Arm & Hammer extra strength carpet odor eliminator


A ratcheting socket and screwdriving set because you’ve spent years earning the “handyperson of the house” title, and you’re certainly not going to get it usurped. Things break; however, with a 26-piece set, you will be at the ready whenever something needs tightening or unscrewing.


A leaning ladder bookshelf that’ll look great anywhere in your home, while subtly keeping the abode more neat and organized. Its five shelves will help keep knickknacks and books organized, while also standing (or leaning) to be an excellent conversational piece.

a vintage oak-colored leaning bookcase holding books, picture frames, and accessories


A pair of stainless steel microfiber cleaning cloths because nowhere in the definition of the term “cleaning” does it say “scratch the *expletive* out of your refrigerator in the process.” This set of soft cloths cleans and polishes, without needing any harsh chemicals, cleaning marks and dust while leaving the exterior of your dishwasher and refrigerator shiny and damage-free.

a set of gray stainless steel microfiber cleaning cloths


An outdoor tarp that’ll be your saving grace for when those fall leaves start dropping and inevitably clog up your pool filter. It’s also great for camping, covering firewood, and a million other things around the house.

a blue outdoor tarp


A package of dishwasher cleaner because of all the things that don’t make sense in our illogical world, expecting your dirty dishes to get clean while being washed inside a dirty dishwasher is chief among them. So just pop a tablet in the dishwasher, run a normal cycle, and bear witness to a sparkling-clean dishwasher, sans grime or limestone.


A blackout curtain panel so you can truly get the zzzzzzs that your old, semi-sheer home curtains just couldn’t provide.

a set of blush colored blackout curtains in a living room


A roll of painter’s tape because while giving your living room paint an update is nice, spilling some stray drops onto the floor is not. Feel free to get a little crafty during your next renovation projects, but without ever getting a spot on your wall.


A tub of spackle so you can always be prepared when your adventures in home decorating accidentally result in a small hole or dent in the wall. I mean, just hammering nails into a wall always leads to a few mistaken holes — now, you can actually fill them in, instead of just hiding them with some strategically hung posters.

a tub of DryDex spackling


A bottle of oven cleaner because there’s a difference between delicious smoked ribs, and ribs that are covered in smoke because your dirty oven is smoldering. Cleaning ovens is not a fun hobby, so we may as well be quick about it, which this cleaner is the MVP of — with just a few sprays and wipes, you’ll have a cleaner oven in about five minutes.

a yellow bottle of Easy-Off oven cleaner and a hand cleaning an oven


A stackable bamboo shelf so you can also have the room needed to keep your pun-filled coffee mugs and tiny dishes consolidated and looking great in the process. No one needs to start their day by having the mugs fall out of a cabinet, hit you in the face, and then crash on the floor in a dramatic crescendo because there wasn’t enough room in the cabinet.

a stackable bamboo shelf holding mugs and dishes


A squeegee that’ll be your best friend in the war on streaked windows and mirrors. Leave those paper towel streaks and marks behind — now, you can simply dunk, squeegee (new verb), and dry in one swoop.


A box of garbage disposal cleaner because those blades are just crying out to be cleaned. Let the pods work their magic and foam away odor-causing build-up. I know seeing is believing, but in this case, smelling will be believing.


An adjustable shower caddy because while your shower has adequate space for your amazing singing performances, it may not always have ample storage room for your products. Simply install a caddy around your shower head and suddenly, you’ll have sufficient storage space that’s perfect for fitting all those behemoth conditioner pumps.

an adjustable shower caddy holding a bottle, razor, and soap bar

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