25 Things From Target If You're Ready For Your Home To Feel Like It Belongs To An Adult


An opulent plug-in globe wall sconce if you’re looking to brighten up your room with matching lighting but don’t want to deal with the hassle of hardwiring. It’s also a great accent piece for relatively bare walls. Bonus: It *can* be hardwired into the wall if you so desire.

the globe sconces on two sides of a purple couch


A set of hand-painted ceramic cabinet and drawer knobs to add some cohesion to your mismatched furniture and spruce up your kitchen or bathroom with little effort, time, or cost. Triple win! Pro tip: You can use them to zhush up old nightstands, side tables, and dressers, too!

three of the cabinet pulls with different patterns


A roll of marble contact paper to cover up any dingy countertops you dislike and make them look chic. This paper is so gorg, your guests might think you flew in some authentic Italian marble. Little do they know it peels off, so you can easily change the design as often as you want…though you may never want to.

Marble contact paper


A pack of wood repair markers because they’ll make it easy to fill in scratches and nicks on your wooden furniture, cabinets, or flooring. They’re so much more convenient and cost-effective than having to buy a whole new table or bookcase. Simply start coloring, and watch the room instantly become more beautiful.

A pack of wood repair markers


A bottle of lime, calcium, and rust cleaner so you can say goodbye to tough, stuck-on lime, calcium, and rust. You’ll feel like so much more of an adult bathing in a spotless shower.


A four-pack of peel-and-stick backsplash subway tiles so you can feel like one of the grownups on HGTV and easily give your kitchen the DIY makeover it deserves. They’re made to withstand any heat your oven puts off and will last as long as you want them to.

White peel and stick backsplash tiles


A bottle of carpet and upholstery stain remover to remove stubborn stains made by your furry friends — even ones that have been there for a while. Plus, it’ll also remove any gross odors and make things feel fresh. You work hard, and your stain remover should, too.

the bottle of carpet cleaner


A bottle of caulk gel to seal any gaps in your tiles, like where the bathtub meets the wall or where the backsplash meets the countertop. You can apply it on top of your existing caulk to make things easier. When it comes to making your home look more grown-up, it’s all in the details!

A model using caulk sealant


An enameled wood toilet seat because it’s time to toss your old one and give your bathroom a mini-makeover for less than $20.

a hand installing the new toilet seat


A three-piece metal bathroom hardware set for anyone who wants matching hardware without a major price tag. It comes in four finishes, so you can easily match it to your decor, tiles, or just the room’s ~vibe~.


A wall storage box with hooks that’ll hold your mail and complement your modern farmhouse-style home. Plus, you’ll never waste precious time searching for your keys if they have their own hook. Reviewers love how versatile it is — it can also hold sunglasses, cookbooks, aprons, masks, or whatever else needs a chic home.

the wooden box with mail inside and a key hanging from the black hook


A set of assorted kitchen drawer supplies so you’ll be ready to hang whatever wall art you discover next. It’s got everything from thumbtacks to screws. Bonus: It comes in a handy box that’ll fit right in your junk drawer.

the tackle box full of various utility supplies


A five-shelf bookcase with a cabinet so you can get the look of a built-in china hutch without the price tag of hiring builders or buying materials. What’s more adult than that?

the bookcase


A TV stand to replace the one you inherited from your older sibling and add some mid-century modern vibes to your living room. Plus, it’s got plenty of storage space for all those things that aren’t necessarily display-worthy.

A brown/white tv stand


A cute laundry hamper because it’s more grown-up than having a pile of clothes on the floor and is cleverly disguised as an unassuming-yet-stylish cabinet. The tilt-out door allows you to quickly drop your clothes in; meanwhile, the bag inside is removable, so you can just as easily pull it out when it’s time to put everything into the washer.

The laundry cabinet


An upholstered platform bed for those who want a zen bedroom. Get your mattress off the floor and really ~elevate~ your decor.

the light gray velvet bed frame


A blue velvet sofa that’ll make everyone think you’re a millionaire with its plush, beautiful design. Pair it with a good glass of wine and your favorite HGTV show, and you’ll be living in grown-up ~bliss~.

the blue sofa in a living room


A comfy accent chair that’ll be your new favorite spot to read, check your email, watch TV, or whatever else you like to do after work. It’s got a sherpa fabric so soft, you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a big, fluffy cloud. Plus, it’s versatile enough to go with all your existing furniture.

A cream sherpa accent chair


An accent bench that’ll look great against that blank wall in your entryway and encourage your kiddos or house guests to sit and take off their shoes before entering (because that’s the adult thing to do).

A wood and cream upholstered accent bench


An eight-piece set of interlocking drawer organizers to transform any junk drawer into an organized work of art.

The eight white interlocking bins are all different sizes and have simple dotted lines


A bottle of daily shower cleaner so you can keep your bathroom mildew-free with a just a spritz. Spray some of this lemon-and-mint-scented stuff in the tub or on your shower walls and floors when you’re done washing up each day, and walk away! No scrubbing necessary. Regular use will prevent soap scum buildup and other weird…growths. What a blessing.

The daily shower cleaner


A four-piece stoneware bathroom accessory set to keep your counter neat and tidy, and help your hardworking toothbrush finally live in the luxury it deserves. Your sink has never had it this good.

The bathroom accessories set


A faux ficus tree in a stylish basket, because it looks like the real thing, and you don’t have to water it. This surprisingly realistic artificial ficus will bring a touch of greenery to your space. Sometimes, being an adult means knowing you don’t have a green thumb…and that’s okay!

The faux ficus tree


A new dinnerware set because you’ll feel more grown-up doling out your boxed mac and cheese on these classic, unscratched, and unchipped beauties. Plus, they’re dishwasher and microwave-safe and will look *chef’s kiss* perfect on your open shelving.

the light gray dinnerware in a place setting on a table


A bottle organizer because you shouldn’t have to live in fear of your favorite emotional-support water bottle clanging to the floor every time you open the cabinet.

the two tier bottle shelf with various water bottles on it

What you’ll see when you walk in the door:

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