25 Target TikTok Beauty Products That Are Worth The Hype


A highly rated, cast-free sunscreen that was made with darker skin tones in mind. If you’re sick of trying to find the balance between protecting your skin and looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost, you’re absolutely going to love adding this product to your arsenal.


A gentle exfoliating facial cleanser — it’s essentially a professional deep cleansing facial in a bottle. Salicylic acid, a powerful beta hydroxy acid known to clear acne breakouts, will leave you with minimal breakouts and supple skin.

the cleanser


A cult-fave mascara to thicken even the thinnest of lashes and take them to new heights. No longer will you have to deal with mascaras that promise the world and never seem to deliver.


A spray body moisturizer so convenient but also does a wonderful job of hydrating your body without the weight of a heavy cream. Also, it smells amazing thanks to the delicate notes of vetiver and bergamot.

person using the spray moisturizer


A skincare + makeup hybrid, that will instantly enhance the radiance of your skin while enriching it with ingredients such as squalane and hyaluronic acid. This “multi-purpose complexion booster” can be worn alone, under or over your foundation, mixed with foundation, or even used as a highlighter to get you glowing. Honestly, the possibilities are endless here.


An all-in-one micellar water for moments when your skin could use a quick refresh but the chances of you leaving your couch to do your 20-step skincare routine are slim to none.

the micellar water


A game-changing body oil adored by pregnant people for helping with stretch marks but also by reviewers alike for its regenerative properties and delicious scent. You can use this oil from head to toe to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, dry, damaged skin, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and wrinkles.

photo of the body oil


A high-coverage concealer so you can hide everything from scars and dark circles without looking or feeling cakey (yes, that’s a thing).

before and after using the concealer


A 10-in-1 hair primer that will literally transform your hair right in front of your eyes. This product does everything from protecting against heat and cutting down dry time but where it really shines is its ability to control frizz and make hair (of all types) more manageable.


A soft matte liquid lipstick in case you’re into the idea of having matte lips but not so much the feel of it. This formula falls somewhere right in between offering longer wear without making your lips feel like they’ll literally peel off.


A hyaluronic acid-infused setting spray if you’re looking for something that both instantly hydrates your skin and helps your makeup stay in place ~all day~. No more spending obscene amounts of time beating your face for it to just slide off by midday.

the setting spray


A trending facial mist you’ll honestly want to buy for the packaging alone, which we might add is 100% recyclable (as if you needed a reason to add yet another aesthetically pleasing skincare product to your arsenal).


A pack of teeth whitening strips that are the next best thing to a professional teeth whitening session (for a fraction of the price). Reviewers love these strips because on top of their whitening power, they also stick to your teeth without budging. Your smile is your best accessory so why not give it the treatment that it deserves?

the box next to individual packages of the strips


A popular strengthening hair masque in case your not-so-luscious locks could use some TLC (raises hand). It’s infused with biotin to leave your hair super soft and shiny but never weighed down.

model holding the hair masque


An innovative “shave syrup” unlike any shaving cream you’ve ever tried because quite frankly it’s 10 times better. This syrup is meant to provide the smoothest shaving experience ever so you can finally kiss irritation, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps bye-bye once and for all.


A multi-purpose head-to-toe moisturizer enriched with plant extracts to nourish even the driest of skin like no other. In addition to intensely moisturizing dry skin, it can also be used as a highlighter or makeup primer.

model applying the moisturizer


A multi-oil body wash that flies off the shelves (for a good reason) so if you see it, def buy it. The oil-to-gel textures may take some getting used to but your skin is going to adore the non-stripping cleanse this provides.

the body wash


A pack of “silk effect” false lashes so incredibly lightweight on your eyes that even if you’re not a false lash person, you’ll love them. These particular bbys open up your eyes and take your makeup look to the next level.


An all-over balm stick for helping relieve and heal dryness literally from head to toe. It’s the convenience of the Vaseline you know and love in a mess-free, travel-friendly version. *Immediately adds three to cart*

model using the all over balm stick


An innovative microfiber sponge to blend out cream and liquid makeup like a dream. According to advocates of this beauty tool, you’ll never dish out the dollars for a more expensive sponge once this one hits your vanity. Yes, please!

two of the sponges with concealer


A vanilla-scented 24-hour moisture lotion that smells edible but, unfortunately, is not. If you dream of smelling like fresh baked goods, then it’s only right you add this lotion to your shopping cart like, yesterday.

a photo of the lotion


A pack of acne pimple patches if you suffer from pesky acne breakouts. Spoiler: the magic in these acne patches is medical-grade hydrocolloid tape that draws out the gunk in your pimples, shrinking them in about six hours. It’s gross by oddly satisfying.


A gel-based makeup primer to not only hydrate your skin but also act like a magnet for your makeup to apply smoothly and stay on your face. If there’s one thing to know about E.l.f., it’s that their primers are top-tier and give more expensive ones a run for their money.


A scent discovery kit for an affordable perfume line that TikTokers can’t seem to get enough of. Inspired by cocktails, this collection features enticing scent notes such as whipped almond, musk, and bourbon. And this is perfect if you’re looking for your new signature scent but don’t want to invest in a full-size bottle until you’ve found it.

the full set of perfumes


A dry shampoo that ~really~ works and doesn’t leave an awful white cast on your hair. According to some shoppers, this also smells heavenly and may be a good replacement for some more expensive dry shampoos you know.

the dry shampoo

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