25 Target Products That'll Make Your Home Look Cleaner Than It Is


A 10-shelf hanging shoe organizer that’ll be your new friend whose top priority is to keep your closet organized. Simply hang it in your closet and bam! Ten perfect shoe slots for easy organization.

a gray ten-shelf hanging shoe storage organizer hanging in a closet


A set of Magic Erasers because your white tub is ready to transform from moldy to goldy. As someone who just used this set of sponges the other day for my tub, I can attest my shower looks bright, shiny, and ready for my shower voice.

a person using a magic eraser to clean a white sink


A robot vacuum that’ll clean your home while you watch your new favorite show — may I recommend The Rehearsal? They said cleaning is complicated, but they say a lot of things, and when you have a little robot whose job is to clean the floors and carpets in 90-minute cycles, it can’t get much easier.

a white robot vacuum


A Swiffer WetJet floor mop that may quite literally be the best $25.99 you’ll ever spend (at least in the floor cleaning department). The floor mop comes with cleaning liquid that will trap the dirt instead of just pushing it around.

a purple Swiffer WetJet floor mop spraying cleaning solution on a wood floor


A three-pack of disinfecting wipes to help keep you avoiding the sniffles and not missing that dream vacation you’ve been planning for months. Just wiping down the surface could be the game-changer you need considering everyone is catching everything this time of the year.

a three-pack of disinfecting wipes


A set of electronic wipes so you can keep your screens free from thumbprint stains, dirt, and nacho cheese powder. It’s suspiciously simple: grab a wipe, clean, and enjoy a screen sans streaks!

the wipes


A box of odor eliminator because all our carpets and rugs could use a little TLC now and then. I gracefully apply this smells-so-good powder every time Chip (my brother’s dog) comes over. I love the fresh smell and the brightness it gives my carpet.

the box of odor eliminator


An air purifier that’ll get all the dirt, dust mites, dandruff, allergens, and other nasty particulates out while letting the good vibes in. Aside from being almost silent, you can control the purifier via your phone — meaning you can step into your clean-smelling abode after work.

the purifier on a coffee table by a cocker spaniel


A set of under-the-bed storage bins because under-the-bed is just a storage haven for all things not needed this very moment. Need to store your off-season clothes? Do you have a bed? Well, the answer is very simple.

an under the bed storage bin storing towels


A fabric shower liner because would you instead prefer never to get a compliment on your shower liner or numerous under-the-breath remarks about a mildew-infested shower? Plus, this liner is treated with an agent to resist mildew and is thicker than your average translucent liner.

a gray heavy shower liner in a white tub


A box of dryer sheets that’ll make your clothes smell like the long summer days — all the time. Seriously, I recently invested in these and could not be happier with an organic, less chemical-dependent cleaning product! A must.

the box of lavender scented dryer sheets


A shower caddy to give your humble shower some much-needed breathing room. Three tiers mean plenty of options to store conditioners, soaps, and shampoos without taking up corners and leaving gnarly soap stains.

a clear three-tier shower caddy hanging off a shower head


A desktop organizer because an effective work-life begins with a tidy — and a little stylish — desk. No longer will we keep paper clips and pens strewn about when we can keep everything neat in a cute little faux-gold container.

a clear and faux gold desktop organizer holding paper clips and pencils


A bottle of multi-purpose cleaner because no home is truly clean when dusty shelves and countertops are afoot. Instead, opt for a few spritzes of cleaner that’ll make your wooden items shine and have a super refreshing basil smell.

the spray bottle on a kitchen counter


A laundry hamper that’ll keep the dirty clothes separated from the floor and reduce the times you have to bearhug your laundry into a washer. There isn’t much to it: Put dirty laundry into a durable hamper and then clean laundry into another gray, durable hamper.

a gray laundry hamper next to a vanity


A bottle of stainless steel cleaner because the jury is in: If there are streaks, it just isn’t clean. It’s called stainless steel cleaner for a reason, and it will clean all the stainless steel in your home — like your refrigerator — with a special scientific formula that’ll leave you with sparkles.

the spray bottle in front of a stainless steel refrigerator


A candle because how the heck is something called a “honeysuckle candle” not going to make your home smell like a spring meadow all the time? The glass jar is recyclable, and the materials are plant-derived and not so chemical dependant.

the candle on a side table next to a couch


An extendable dusting kit so cleaning your ceiling fans won’t feel like such a big chore. Sorry, but the excuse that you can’t reach the fans and shelves no longer applies.

a model using the duster to clean crown molding


A Simplehuman trash can because we’ve all seen The Bear and the show is really about how messy a kitchen can get. So a big trash can goes a long way — especially when you can make the stainless steel shine with the aforementioned new spray.

a model stepping on the trash can to open it


A five-shelf bookcase that’ll not only show off your love of reading (stay in school, kids) but subtly give you a ton of storage organization. I own two of them, actually, and use some of the shelves for easy storage of stuff that would otherwise clog up the living room.

a five shelf bookcase in black in a home office


A pressure washer so you can have a delightful, clean driveway and deck that’ll be the new spot for cocktail parties, cookouts, summer board games, and so on. The pressure washer is perfect for making dirt obsolete and super easy to store when not needed.

a green and black pressure washer


A five-tier garage shelving unit because before we know it, the holidays will be here, and there will be plenty of moving boxes around without disturbing the delicate ecosystem of garage storage. The shelves are minimally intrusive while strong enough to support big boxes, tools, or bags of soil.

a black five tier shelving unit holding gardening supplies


A pet hair eraser so you can get every last strand of Spot’s or Whisker’s hair out of your carpet — and out of your life. Aside from being cordless, this little guy’s mission is to use its power to zap ambient hair floating around, too.

a model using it to clean pet hair off a couch


A pack of algae eliminators, because to quote Lisa Simpson, “you have to put chlorine into the water every day to keep it clean.” But it’s even easier than that when you can simply pour a packet into the pool, wait fifteen minutes, and be ready to cannonball your stress away.

a packet of blue and orange Clorox algae eliminator


A bubble-up soap dispenser that’ll be your new best friend in the war against dirty dishes. Pro: It comes with a cute ceramic container so you can clean dishes without ever having to touch a nasty sponge. Con: You can no longer make that squeaky noise when you have pruney fingers.

a person cleaning a white dish with a bubble up soap dispenser

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