25 Stylish Things From Amazon That Reviewers Swear By For Fall


A striped knit sweater, because you’ll need a cozy sweater to wear during chilly fall nights, so why not make it a cute one?

a pullover sweater with brown orange beige and white stripes


A ruffled V-neck wrap sweater so that you can look extra dressed up during Sunday brunch while still feeling so cozy, it’ll be like you never took off your robe.


A lightweight oversized blazer that is the perfect layering piece during all your autumn wine-tasting excursions.

reviewer wearing with boots and a hoodie underneath


A waterfall sweater for those sunny-yet-chilly fall days where you need a sweater that’s warm yet won’t overheat you. This also works as a great layering piece on top of blouses!

a reviewer wearing the waterfall coat in beige


An A-line swing skirt so that you can have all the fabric you need to keep warm, while still looking très chic.

a reviewer wearing the dress in red


A faux-leather motorcycle jacket, because this edgy piece belongs in your closet for days where the weather is not too cold, but not too warm, either. You can pick up this classic jacket in black, or switch it up with some fun, festive colors.


A pair of Skechers straight-leg pants that look like slacks, but feel like leggings. Is there anything better than that?


A three-quarter-sleeve patterned bodycon dress so that you can serve major looks while still staying warm and cozy.

a reviewer wearing the dress in black and white gingham


A classic flannel shirt that SCREAMS “It is fall, the leaves are turning, and the apples are ready for picking!” Or, maybe if you don’t love your clothes screaming at you, at least you can agree that this flannel top is a fall staple that’ll keep you warm throughout the day and night?

Reviewer wearing the plaid flannel in white


A striped sweater, because it’s sweater weather, baby. Enjoy your favorite season in style, and make sure you’ve got a hot cocoa in hand while doing it.


A corduroy button-up, because corduroy is one of the few fabrics that screams, “yes, the temperature is dropping, but I still want to look amazing!” Wear this little number buttoned up to keep you warm throughout the day, or use it as a layering piece during a Sunday brunch with friends.


A turtleneck bodycon dress so that wherever you go, you’ll be arriving in style. This low-key, go-with-everything dress is perfect for days when you want to wear every single fall accessory under the sun.


A pair of plaid leggings, because these leggings are so cozy that you’ll forget that you’re even dressed up to the nines.


A henley top, because this base layer is what will keep you warm during those late fall nights spent around the campfire. Consider getting a few — after all, henley tops also work great as loungewear around the house.

model wearing waffle knit henley with jeans


A long-sleeve ruffle dress so that you can emulate Marianne’s style on Normal People.

a reviewer wearing the dress in grey


A lace-lined tunic top for you to wear to the office, where the AC is perpetually blasting.

various pictures of reviewer wearing the long sleeve top in different colors


A pair of faux-leather leggings, because although the look of leather pants is beautiful, the feel of actual leather pants is…restrictive. Opt for this pair that’ll look chic but feel like your favorite pair of yoga pants.


A wide-brim fedora hat — it’ll pair equally perfectly with a T-shirt and jeans or a flowy Sunday brunch dress.

a model wearing a faux suede wide brim hat with a faux leather strap


A classic turtleneck, because what is fall without a bit of turtleneck action?! Pair this with a plaid skirt for an elevated back-to-school look.

reviewer wearing the black turtle neck


A chiffon blouse that is super flowy and chic, while still being appropriate for whenever you go back to the office.

Person is wearing denim jeans and a burnt orange chiffon blouse


A pair of culotte overalls that will quickly add style to any fall outfit you conjure. These overalls serve as a statement piece in any outfit, and is as easy to put on as your favorite pair of sweats.

a person wearing the overalls in black


A plaid miniskirt, because what is a fall wardrobe if it doesn’t include at least one piece of all-plaid clothing?!

a person wearing a plaid mini skirt


A lightweight shawl so that you’re not drowning in warm fabric on hotter fall days, yet are still adding just the right amount of color that your outfit needs.

a reviewer wearing the shawl in grey


A chunky cableknit cardigan that you can wear around the house to cozy up, or with a belt and dress to spice up your pumpkin-picking fit.

a reviewer wearing the cardigan with a belt


And a set of fishnet stockings to pair with your favorite skirt and over-the-knee boot ensemble. Plus, these come in a variety of quintessential fall patterns, meaning that you’ll have SO many opportunities to add a fall flair to your style.

a person wearing a pair of fishnets with a floral design on them

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