25 Stocking Stuffers From Target You Shouldn't Wait Until December To Treat Yourself To


A genius lil’ manicure tool if you always struggle to paint your nails with your non-dominant hand. This attaches to any nail polish bottle and will help reduce shaking and give you an actually steady grip! DIY manis, here I come!

Model using the tool to paint nails with light pink polish


A 6-pack of Star Wars ankle socks, each with a different adorable character printed on it — there’s Baby Yoda, Baby Chewbacca, Baby R2-D2, and more. Buy them, you must.

The six pairs of socks


A weighted silk eye mask set that’s here to help you get a luxurious night’s sleep. If the lavender-scented fabric isn’t enough to lure you to dreamland, you can add the cooling gel insert into it for even deeper relaxation.

a model wearing the purple silk mask


A set of four bookmark magnets since every reader will relate to their cute and clever phrases. My personal favorite is “fell asleep here” — yep.


A soy candle that has a warm, vanilla-y scent — appropriately named “cozy nights” — because getting lost in this dreamy aroma every night will 100% get you in the holiday spirit.

The candle on table with single wick burning


A Bananagrams game if you love playing exciting, word-based games with your friends. Just think how much fun you’ll all have playing this in the months leading up to and after the holidays!

The game being played on outdoor table by water


A silicone clip-on spoon rest because it’s absolutely adorable and super practical. It clips right onto the rim of the pot to hold your spoon, thus eliminating all those annoying drips and spills while cooking.

The red spoon rest on pot rim holding spoon with marinara sauce


A rose quartz roller so you can indulge in a bit of self-pampering on your face. As an added bonus, facial rolling can also help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness!

Model using the roller under eyes


An adorable mini instant camera to capture all those wonderful memories between now and the holidays (and beyond) — old-school style. We’re talking Polaroids of apple picking, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving feasts, decorating the Christmas tree, and so much more!

The blue camera with polaroid shots scattered around it on a desk


A wine glass holder that grips to any glossy surface (mirrors, metal, shiny tiles, glass), which means you can finally ~treat yo’self~ to a glass of wine in the tub without having to hold the glass the entire time, or worry about accidentally spilling it as it balances precariously on the toilet lid. 🙌

The teal wine holder adhered to side of shower and holding glass of white wine


An Amazon Fire stick to instantly transform any ol’ TV into a smart TV, thus letting you easily stream your fave shows, sports, and movies in ultra high-def.

The Fire stick and remote


A fizzy bath bomb if luxurious soaks in the tub are your self-care love language. This particular one features a relaxing coconut scent, a glittery color, and a prize inside!

The bath bomb


A Gerber multi-tool for all my fellow gearheads and adventure enthusiasts. You never know when you might need a screwdriver, pliers, pocket knife, can opener, bottle opener, file, or ruler — and this pocket-sized gadget has ’em all.

black and white photo of model holding the Gerber tool in the pliers position


A palm-sized roll-on massager since your muscles deserve a little TLC. Even if you’re not feeling particularly tense now, I’ll bet that changes as we get closer to the holidays — and when it does, you’re gonna be so glad for this little lifesaver.

Model kneeling in lunge and using the roller on calf muscle


A box of three Kinder Joy eggs since they’re more than just a sweet treat – they also have a fun little toy hiding inside! Forget your adult responsibilities for a sec, and treat your inner child to some yummy chocolate!

A Kinder Joy egg open to reveal a small toy in one half and creme with chocolate in the other


A pocket-sized portable Bluetooth speaker that’s small in size but mighty in power. Enjoy your favorite tunes across a 33-foot radius for up to six hours on a single charge!


A sweet lip scrub because this adorable lil’ container is bursting with a whole lotta moisture and yumminess.

Three mini containers of the lip scrub with strawberries


A silicone AirPod case with a handy, very-chic-looking clip so you can easily bring your earbuds with you everywhere — including on all those upcoming holiday shopping errands. Is it too early to start listening to your Christmas music playlist? … Asking for a friend.

The teal silicone airpods case with gold hook


A pair of satin bow scrunchies in blush and mauve that will give you an elegant hairdo in seconds while also helping to protect your hair from breakage.


A deck of affirmation cards with cute and funny, but not too cheesy, positive messages for whenever you need a mood boost. Winter blues will have nothing on you this year!


A relaxing lavender mud mask for that night when you come home from a stressful day at work absolutely exhausted and need to unwind with a soothing at-home mini spa treatment.

Model applying the mud mask to face and holding up small lavender mud mask package


An electric brow trimmer with a built-in LED light, for folks who are ready to experience a whole new level of refinement while doing their weekly brow maintenance. I started using this bad boy instead of my tweezers, and let me tell ya, I feel like I’m finally living in the 21st century!

Model using the trimmer on her eyebrow


A Tile Bluetooth-enabled tracking device if you’re done with constantly losing your keys or misplacing your phone (me, every five seconds). And the tracking works both ways — you can make the Tile ring from your phone, but you can also press the button on the Tile to make your phone ring!!

The Tile tracker attached to keys on lanyard


A MAC matte lipstick for those days when you need a bold splash of color to feel glam and fabulous. And with this lipstick’s 10-hour coverage, your luxurious look isn’t going anywhere!

Darker skinned model in close-up showing the matte red lipstick


A three-pack of white fudge hot chocolate bombs so you can warm up with a decadent, rich, and marshmallow-y cup of cocoa on those extra chilly fall and winter days. Just heat up your milk of choice, drop the pumpkin bomb in, and watch for the marshmallow explosion!

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