24 Pieces Of Clothing From Target That Are Essentially Made For Traveling


A timeless ribbed crewneck bodysuit to give the look of a perfectly tucked tank top, without all the fuss of actually having to tuck in an actual tank top. Not only is this chic and sophisticated, but it’ll be awesome for layering underneath anything for your airport look. Plus, it’s so *versatile* so you can wear it a couple of times on your trip and no one will realize.

Model wearing black bodysuit with grey pants


A pair of high-waisted pull-on pants with a ruffled waist and drawstring, because they’ll make your travels 10 times comfier this season. Although these are pants, they’re super lightweight — so they will keep your legs warm on the chilly plane, but won’t overheat them when you finally arrive in paradise.

Model wearing cropped black pants with brown shoes


A pair of slide-on loafers that’ll quickly become your favorite travel companion. A cushioned insole and cute braided detailing? Sign us up!


A simple moisture-wicking skort because why wear shorts underneath your skirt if you don’t have to? This piece may be basic, but that’s a good thing when it comes to travel pieces — you can wear it countless times without anyone realizing it. If your vacay involves a bit of walking, this is way cuter than work out shorts, and just as comfy.

Model wearing purple skort with white sneakers


A cozy bralette that is a little longer than other versions, with adjustable straps and removable cups. Made with microfiber fabric, this smooth and snug fit will keep you comfy and on-trend on a plane, a long bus ride, or anywhere else you don’t want to feel restricted. Wear it as a top and throw on a matching set over! Or bonus, pair with bike shorts and an oversized button-down!

Model wearing black bra


A 100% cotton boxy tee because although it might not be the trendiest thing on here, it’s certainly a piece that you will get a ton of mileage out of, especially when traveling. We love it because it will match everything but its neutral tones won’t draw focus in your vacay photos — in fact, it will let the background shine.

Model wearing black tee with black skirt and wide frame glasses


A pair of cotton bike shorts that are comfy and *soo* breathable, and work great under skirts and dresses or on their own. Plus, you probably need to replace that pair you’ve been wearing every day since 2020. Name a more versatile clothing item for traveling; I’ll wait…

Model wearing black bike shorts with white shirt and and white sneakers


A pair of tapered stretch pants because they are truly designed for travel. Each pair of wrinkle-resistant, moisture-wicking pants features a lot of stretch and a side zippered pocket with a hidden passport pocket, plus they’re made of quick-dry fabric, and even have UPF 50+ material. Hello, new travel buddy!


An oversized sleeveless plisse knit dress with a slit that will give you a ton of movement, so you don’t have to feel constricted on your long journey. Perfect if you’re hopping off the plane and diving directly into your first vacation activity.

A model wearing a grey dress with a pink cardigan around shoulder and white sneakers


A soft, sleeveless jumpsuit with an elastic waist, because all you need to do is throw it on, and you’re fully dresses and ready to head to the airport. Easy, breezy and perfect for traveling, this might actually keep you comfortable on that 12-hour flight.


A boxy short-sleeve button-down for layering purposes, because layering is an essential part of traveling. Throw one of these bright shirts on over a white tee and jeans and see how it elevates the look. Also, this shirt has lightweight interlining material, which will keep you cool and comfortable all-day long, no matter how loooooong the day is.


A pair of high-waisted leggings because how much more travel-friendly can you get? These are ~ultra soft ~, made with recycled polyester and guess what? They even have pockets! Pop these on and get ready to be the comfiest person in the exit row.


A pair of high-rise track pants for a retro-inspired travel fit. Comfortable and stylish, these will look great and make you feel ready to go — how doesn’t appreciate having some of that Sporty Spice energy as you tackle the bag-check line?

Model wearing black, red and white pants, with black sneaker and a red and white striped body suit


An open-front cardigan because you never know how cold it will get when you’re going from place to place. Life hack: Wear this over your outfit on the plane so it doesn’t take up much space in your suitcase. It’s soft, comfortable, and lightweight, aka it’s the perfect travel companion (besides your neck pillow.)


A pair of soft French terry shorts that’ll keep you relaxed and ready to jump immediately into vacation mode. Complete with side pockets to fill with seashells from the shore, you gonna need these in every color for every day of your trip.

Model wearing grey shorts, white sneakers and a yellow top


A pair of low-rise cargo pants because they have *so* many pockets for storing all the things you want to access during your flight (or that you only remembered to bring with you at the last second, as you were heading out the door). Yes, we said *low-rise*, because this way, they will not ride up during your travels, causing you any kind of discomfort. Fun fact: These are also made from recycled materials.

A model wearing a white and pink top with grey pants and black shoes


A pair of denim shortalls that will keep you looking equally cute and comfortable on your travels. With its many pockets and adjustable shoulder straps, this might just be the MVP of your trip wardrobe.

Model wearing white overall with blue tee and white sneakers


A pair of mid-rise tie-waist shorts because these will offer you tons breathable comfort, which you kind of need in this ~humid~ weather. Their turned-up hems add a fun design detail that you’ll get a ton of compliments on. But perhaps most essentially, they require zero ironing!

Model wearing grey shorts with a white tee and white sneakers


A pair of chunky Chanel-inspired sandals that’ll be so easy to throw on with anything while you’re on the move. Pair these with a summer dress for an edgy-chic look, or pair them with your favorite matching set for a simple yet chic style.


A pair of high-rise pull-on shorts because, with their drawstring waist, they’re a more comfortable alternative to denim cut-offs for your trip. Available in an array of colorful patterns, you’ll have everyone — even strangers — asking where you got them.


A pair of retro-inspired jogger sweats for those who get cold easily — these might just save you from freezing your butt off on the plane or that hotel room with the extremely powerful AC. Plus, They also are super soft and have pockets, so they are perfect for wearing on a long flight.

A model wearing pink pants, white sneakers, white tee and light denim jacket


A zip-up hoodie because it’s time to replace the ragged one you’ve had since 2015…we know you packed it in your luggage, and we hate to break it to you, but it’s time to move on. Since this is a zip-up, it won’t mess up your hair or make you feel like you’re choking during your adventures.

Model wearing cream zip-up hoodie and matching shorts


Or a cropped pullover hoodie for those who prefer the classics. Hoodies are perfect for snuggling into during a mid-flight nap, or hiding your face, so no one can see how jet-lagged you are. Plus with your hood up, everyone will know not to bother you while you’re adjusting to the time change.

Model wearing black hoodie with a brown and black snakeskin bottom


A pair of white cotton canvas sneakers because you should always have a pair of these essential basics with you, no matter where you’re going. They go with almost everything and they’re comfier for a day of sightseeing than most sandals.

A white sneaker

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