24 Eco-Friendly Products That’ll Revamp Your Life


A water-saving showerhead that can help increase water pressure while still saving up to 30% more water than ordinary shower heads thanks to its ultra-dense holes design. Talk about a win-win!

the shower head in a reviewer's shower


A four-pack of wool dryer balls for a natural way to soften your clothes in the dryer. These babies are made of 100% sheep wool and save energy by absorbing moisture and shortening the drying time of your clothes. 🧺

Wool dryer balls displayed outside


Some laundry detergent sheets because liquid laundry soap is mostly water anyway and comes in huge plastic jugs. No need to lug those heavy things around which creates a big carbon footprint. Simply throw one of these laundry sheets in the wash and say goodbye to the excess waste (and mess) of liquid soap.

Hands holding laundry sheets


A double-edge safety razor so you can say goodbye to the disposable plastic razors of your past. All you need to do is replace the blades when they get dull and recycle the old ones!

Hand holding rainbow color razor


A natural deodorant set with a full size *and* travel size option that not only has plastic-free packaging but is also 100% compostable. Aluminum-free deodorant with no parabens, phthalates, triclosan, synthetic fragrance, alcohol, soy, or talc? Hmm, me thinks yes.

Deodorant set


Reusable cotton rounds for removing makeup or just helping you complete your everyday skincare routine. Plus, these help reduce the waste of disposable cotton balls and even come with a laundry bag to be washed and reused.


A pack of environmentally friendly toilet paper made out of 100% bamboo that arrives in a recycled box and is fully compostable. Plus, Cloud Paper offsets two times the carbon emissions they create from transportation.

Box of toilet paper with paper sitting on top


A set of bamboo toothbrushes so you never have to buy plastic ones again. These are made with 100% recyclable natural material and the handle is fully biodegradable. Plus, they clean just as well as the plastic ones so you can still show off those pearly whites.

One used toothbrush one new


And some toothpaste tablets that means you won’t have to deal with the mess of plastic tubes that comes with regular toothpaste. Formulated with activated charcoal, coconut oil *and* fresh mint, your teeth will shine and you’ll reduce a bit of your single-use waste at the same time.

Tin of tablet toothpaste


A set of reusable K-cups for the coffee lovers out there. Just pour the coffee grounds into the reusable cup, throw it in the machine, and wash and reuse after your delish cup of joe.


Some Stasher reusable storage bags to help eliminate single-use plastic bags in your home. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe, you can use them to store leftovers and even warm up food in the microwave. I have them in all different sizes and they are my fav bags ever!! Pro tip: you can even carry your phone in them to keep it safe from water or sand at the beach.

Pizza inside Stasher bag


A toilet brush with bristles made of coconut fibers and a handle built from beechwood (meaning it won’t rust!) that will last forever. Even the packaging bag is made of corn starch and other plant renewable resources, making it 100% biodegradable.

the toilet brush being used in a toilet


A rechargeable lighter that’s safer than using an open flame *and* more eco-friendly than plastic disposable lighters. It also has a safety lock so the kiddos can’t get hurt if they accidentally pick up the shiny thing you left lying on the table.

Reviewer holding lighter in front of lit candle


A pack of eco-friendly hangers made of recycled polypropylene and straw fibers so you never have to buy plastic hangers (that are always breaking) again. These have a 360-degree rotation *and* leave your clothes mark-free.

Jeans hanging on hangers


A Brita filter so those single-use water bottles can become a thing of the past. This monster can hold 10 cups of water so you always have a refreshing cup of filtered water to drink.

Brita filter with water in it


A cotton laundry basket with a drawstring top to help keep all your clothes inside when you’re headed to the laundry room. No more plastic hampers that are bulky and unattractive!

Hamper filled with clothes


A pack of dental floss that’s completely plastic-FREE (read: it’s made out of natural candelilla wax *and* peppermint essential oil!). And don’t worry, reviewers assure you’ll still get an A+ from your dentist at the next visit.


Kitchen sponges made out of all-natural material so you can get tough in the kitchen sink but not on the planet. Sustainable, biodegradable, and compostable… I mean, say less.

Kitchen sponges


A pack of all-purpose cleaner tablets to tidy up your house without all those toxic chemicals. Just drop the tablet into water, give it a swirl, and you’ve got yourself a natural cleaner for every room in the house!

Tablets next to spray bottle


Some organic paper towels that’ll help you save money and cut down on waste. No more going through a full roll of paper towels in a week because you’re incapable of going a day without spilling! Just stock up on these and you’ll have all the clean-up tools your messy self could need.

Paper towels on kitchen counter


A pack of biodegradable trash bags for one less thing in your home that’ll sit for years in the landfill. These heavy-duty bags can withstand all the sharp edges that get thrown away in the kitchen just as well as your typical garbage bags but will break down quicker than their counterparts. Biode-GREAT-able if you ask me!

Trash bags in kitchen


Some cotton mesh grocery bags so useful they’ll become your new go-to bags for everything — think: travel, shopping, camping, beach day, etc. Plus they’re machine washable so, what more could you ask for?

the bags with groceries in them


A set of bamboo sheets made of eco-friendly and responsibly sourced materials. These sheets help you to stay cool at night and even cotton-loving reviewers say they’re converts to these eco-friendly alternatives.

the sheets in light blue on a bed


And some energy-efficient lightbulbs that only use 9.5-watts to generate light equivalent to a 60-watt standard incandescent light bulb. Essentially, they use less power but you’ll still be able to see what you’re reading. Now that’s what I call efficient! 💡

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