22 Times Celebs Have Had Accidents On Stage That Range From Embarrassing To Straight Up Terrifying

Recently, Lil Durk was injured on stage by a pyrotechnic going off in his face during a performance at Lollapalooza. The rapper amazingly managed to finish his set, and since then has said that he’s taking a break to focus on his recovery.

Lil durk on stage at Lollapalooza with a mic before the incident

As dangerous as the incident was, the whole thing had me wondering which other artists have experienced similar things on stage. I’m sure almost every artist has had their fair share of dicey or embarrassing moments – here are a few that caught our attention.


When Madonna’s cape pulled her down some stairs and on to the floor at the 2015 Brit Awards.

Who could forget this fall? It’s fabulous, but I think Madonna should still burn that cape for bringing such negative vibes to her set. 


That time P!nk’s entire show came to a standstill because she went flying off the stage.

This could’ve been a really serious situation! That cable was about to parachute her into infinity, and she did end up going to the hospital because of it.


When Beyoncé’s hair got caught in a massive fan while performing in Montreal.

Beyoncé had her entire head basically stuck to this fan and she didn’t miss a note… Impressive!


That time Lenny Kravitz was exposed due to his trousers ripping at the crotch on stage.


When Miguel jumped on a fan’s head while performing at the 2013 Billboard Awards.

Is this lady okay?! We need answers!


When Iggy Azalea walked backwards right off the stage at The Avalon in Los Angeles.

There’s nothing safe about walking backwards, especially in those shoes.


When Travis Scott dropped off the stage during Drake’s concert in London.

That subtle auto-tuned “yeah” right before he falls ~shouldn’t~ sound as funny as it does to me.


Lil Nas X had a two-for-one situation during his performance at Audacy Beach Festival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

First the wardrobe malfunction then the fall! He kept it pretty cool though.


When Playboi Carti recently fell right off of the Wireless Festival stage.

At this point, I think walking backwards on a stage should be banned. 


That time Busta Rhymes fell and busted his head at O.T. Genasis’s concert at New York’s Webster Hall.

That beat his Busta too hard, he ended up tumbling over!


When Slim Jimmi jumped on a speaker and fell off of it at Governors Ball Music Festival.


Not exactly sure what he was trying to do here, but I think it’s safe to say it wasn’t worth it.


That moment Justin Bieber puked on stage during the first night of his Believe world tour in Arizona.

Of all places to throw up, it was right there in front of thousands of people. The thought alone would make me want to throw up again… Poor Justin!


When Ariana Grande has a little tumble and fall during her performance of “Bad Idea” in Tampa.

One thing about Ariana, she’s going to have a cute little giggle every time she falls down. 


When Tory Lanez fell off a balcony during his Toronto concert.

I erally don’t think he was supposed to be up there, because he fell and took parts of the stage with him!

He was okay in the end, and tweeted later “I landed on my feet .. Lol that shit do look crazy tho”.


When Diddy went down during his 2015 BET Awards performance.

He had a quick fall, but he came back on his feet even quicker!


When Big Boi from Outkast tore his knee at a Summer Camp Music Festival.

He must’ve landed very hard on that knee because that looked like a simple jump. 


That time Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix uncontrollably flipped upside down while singing in the air.

She was brave to have continued singing – once I’m upside down like that, I’m freaking out!


That awkward time when Lady Gaga fell off her piano during the Monster’s Ball tour.

Ouch, that looked like it hurt!


When Camila Cabello slid right on to her butt at the 2015 Maryland State Fair.

There was no saving her, her destiny was written.


The time when Katy Perry seemed rather unwell and eventually fainted during her performance in Nashville.

It was scary… She seemed a bit wobbly from the start, but luckily her team was there to scoop her right up.


When Nicki Minaj had a ~major~ wardrobe malfunction on stage at the 2014 MTV VMAs.

At least she can laugh about it now because I would’ve run right off stage! 


And finally, we can’t forget when Liam Payne slipped and landed right on his back at Croke Park in Ireland.

For a second there I think he was in disbelief.

Well, that’s the end of this list, you don’t have to suffer any more second-hand embarrassment! Are there any moments we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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