21 Travel Products From Amazon That Are Cheap But Oh-So-Useful


A digital luggage scale so you don’t get to the airport, put your suitcase on the scale and somehow have to get rid of 12 pounds worth of stuff. This little scale is super convenient, accurate, and small enough to pack in your bag so you can use it on your way back to check how much all those totally necessary souvenirs weigh.


An inflatable travel pillow that’s a total game changer for an overnight flight. One reviewer even said it was the best sleep they’ve had on an airplane, and if you’re a frequent flyer, you know that says a lot. It only takes six to eight breaths to inflate and comes with a pouch for easy carrying.

Reviewer using travel pillow on a plane


A universal power adapter because there’s nothing worse than getting to your hotel room and realizing there’s no way that plug is gonna fit in that outlet. Instead of having to scramble and overpay for one at the airport, get this $20 adapter that also has four USB ports and you’re good to go.


A carry-on suitcase if your luggage could use an upgrade this summer. This suitcase comes in 14 cute colors, has spinner wheels that actually work, and the expansion feature means you can fit a ton inside.


A pair of joggers because who wants to sit in constricting jeans for hours on end? Reviewers rave about how soft and comfy they are, and how much more expensive they look and feel. One shopper even said these match the quality of Lululemon, meaning you’re not going to be itching to change two hours into your long flight.


A compact jewelry travel case to hold your favorite dainty necklaces and ear party collection. Pack your jewelry neatly and safely in this little travel case and you won’t have to deal with that giant tangled mess of necklaces when all you’re trying to do is get ready for dinner.

Reviewer image of jewelry case filled with rings, necklaces and a watch


A set of three super soft ear plugs for air travel that reviewers swear by and say they relieve that awful pain and pressure during a flight. You can even download an app that tracks real-time cabin pressure and alerts you to put these in!


A 12-pack of face masks to re-hydrate your gross-feeling, parched skin after a long flight. From refreshing peppermint to moisturizing avocado, these masks are easy to slip in your bag and will do the trick to soothe, brighten, and rejuvenate tired skin.


A portable steamer with over 50,000 (!!!) 5-star reviews, because what’s more frustrating than getting to the hotel, opening your suitcase and realizing every single piece of clothing looks like it’s gone through a tornado. Whip this steamer out and you’ll be dinner-ready in no time.


A travel wallet to hold your passport, boarding pass, vaxx card, and cash all in one place. Don’t stress out because you’re holding up the entire line in customs just because you can’t find your passport again, keep everything neat and organized in this beautiful wallet instead.


A pair of slip-on shoes because good shoes take you to good places, or something like that. These are cute, comfy, affordable, and easy to slip on and off during airport security, which is a major bonus. They come in 22 colors and one reviewer said they look just like Vans, but for a fraction of the cost. Hello, new travel shoes.

Reviewer wearing jeans and white slip on shoes


A molded sleep mask so you can get your eight hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep whether you’re on a plane or riding in the passenger seat. It’s lightweight and comfortable, and creates total darkness thanks to its contoured fit.

Reviewer holding purple sleep mask


A mini first aid travel pouch that’s beyond adorable and will fit all the essentials. The small but mighty pouch has a mesh compartment and pocket, and an interior that can hold adhesives, ointments, medicine and more.


A handy packing list so you never forget to pack your socks or toothpaste again. This list literally includes everything you could ever need and more, and even has a local weather tab. Every organizer’s dream.

image of the packing list


A set of three TSA-approved toiletry bags to hold your entire skincare collection, because why wouldn’t you take it all with you even though it’s just a weekend trip? Not only are these sturdy and super practical, they’ll make going through security a total breeze.


A six-piece packing cube set that makes packing so much easier and saves space, so you don’t have to think twice about whether to pack those three extra outfits. You know you’ll never wear them, but also what if you might?

Reviewer image of blue packing cubes filled with packed items


A roll-up blanket with a handle you can take to the park or the beach for the perfect summer day trip. The blanket is waterproof and has a foam layer for extra padding and comfort, and folds up into this compact shape so you don’t need to carry a bulky ole mess of a blanket.


A 20-pack of essential oil towelettes that are individually wrapped and perfect for traveling. They’re super refreshing but don’t dry out your skin, and the pack includes orange, lemon, lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus-scented towelettes so you’ll definitely be the best smelling person on your plane.


A travel duffel bag so you can weekend in style. It has four interior pockets and a sleeve on the back that attaches to your suitcase, and it’s a serious bargain for under $30. It’s available in 17 beautiful colors including a sleek beige and a fun bright coral, and some of the colors also include a matching toiletry bag for a coordinated look.

Reviewer image of pink duffel bag on top of a pink carry on suitcase


A portable charger you can throw in your bag and never have to worry that your phone is down at 3% again. How does that keep happening?! It’s literally the size of a lipstick and has over 9,000 rave reviews from shoppers who all gave it five stars.


A pair of car window shades to block out the sun’s rays for kids, and adults for that matter. They have a dual layer that blocks out 97% of harmful UV rays but doesn’t obstruct the driver’s view, and they simply cling to the window, no annoying installation necessary.

Reviewer image of shade on a car window

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