21 Clever Things From Target That’ll Keep Your Garage Tidy All Year


A set of four-shelf organization systems because those accessories and tools need some TLC, and a set of shelves to rest easy is not a bad way to start. Plus, two sets of shelves give you the same amount of storage without a single bulky shelf.

a person taking an item off a black four-shelf organizational system


A set of heavy-duty storage bins because those pillars of moth-eaten cardboard boxes are ever-so gauche. Storage bins are the future today and will keep humidity, moisture, pests, and dust out of your belongings.

a clear box containing clothes


A 44-drawer small-parts cabinet because if you think you’re going to leave nails, batteries, and screws on the garage floor, I have some words for you, my friend: How about placing all those small, miscellaneous items in efficient little drawers instead?

a yellow and black forty-four-drawer cabinet containing batteries, screws, and more


A rolling storage box because nowhere in the definition of “reorganizing” does it say you have to lift heavy boxes from one end of the garage to the other. Roll, roll, roll, your way to efficiency, and skip, skip, skip on the back pain.

three white and clear rolling storage boxes containing yarn


A utility storage cabinet so you can keep all your household cleaning supplies and gardening prep orderly and efficient. You don’t work for storage — storage works for you! So opting for a cabinet with five shelves in an earthy gray color is your first step.

a gray utility storage cabinet in a laundry room


A four-tier shoe rack because your shoes are exposed to rain, mud, snow, and ummm, you know what. To keep your day going strong, a cute walnut wood shoe rack to place bedraggled footwear before entering your abode through the garage entrance is the way to go.

a wooden shoe rack with two pairs of shoes


A five-slot wall organizer mount because it sure would be ironic to have a tidy floor and then a pile of brooms and mops scattered about. But don’t fret — the solution could not be simpler when you can keep all brooms, mops, and dust pans consolidated after you’re done sprucing up.

a five-slot wall organizer mount holding a broom, brush, mop, and dust pan


And while we’re on the topic of brooms, a brand-new boom and dustpan to sweep the garage floor isn’t a bad start, either. From dust bunnies to fall leaves, a broom and dustpan know no bounds.

a red broom and dustpan on a hardwood floor


A set of recycling bins so you can have your recycling separated before trash day. Going green is easy when you have a few blue recycling bins perfect for sorting cans, bottles, batteries, and paper. 🌳

a blue recycling bin


A hook-and-loop (aka Velcro) fastening tape that’ll give you the real estate needed to keep all your extension cords intact and living tangle-free. While tripping over cords is a national pastime, we can all do without it by keeping our wires organized with a subtle piece of fastening tape.

a blue piece of fastening tape around a set of cables


A sports gear rack because we’re in that beautiful time of the year where golf, baseball, football, and basketball are almost all in season, and we are going to need to practice. Once you’re done hitting the paint or throwing the hail Mary, just set the equipment back on the rack and take a lap.

the equipment rack with golf gear on it


A three-speed velocity fan to help combat all spills, thrills, floods, and mud off your garage floor. With three different speeds, your floors will dry in moments, and the air will smell crisp.

a black three-speed velocity fan drying a kitchen floor


A utility sink that’ll wash away whatever home improvement projects your hands may be covered in at that moment. This sink is seriously deep, and you will never have to worry about spillage while cleaning up.


A metal locker so you can keep all stuff hazardous and flammable behind closed doors and far away from the family. Needless to say, you can store really anything that your heart desires in here — and the vibrant colors add some pizzazz to the garage, don’t you think?

a mint colored storage locker in a living room


A kayak rack because we’d all love nothing more than a weekend round on the water, but kayaks just take up so much space when not in use. Not only will you now have a floor sans watercraft, but the rack’s material is also scratch-resistant and cushioned to keep your prized possession pristine.

a blue and yellow kayak being supported by a kayak rack


A label maker so you can never waste an entire afternoon trying to find that one item from the black hole that is your garage storage. Ditch the Sharpie and just type out which boxes contain what — and all without pulling your hair.


A pegboard so you can always be on the ready when you need to adhere something to the wall quickly. A pegboard prevents you from hammering and screwing every little thing into your wall but still receives all the benefits of off-the-floor storage.

a brown pegboard holding shelves and a rack


A ski and snowboard rack because winter is quickly approaching and the slopes are calling your name. But in the meantime, free up all that space taken by your inactive cache of winter sports equipment and get ready to grab and go whenever the snowy caps await.

a rack holding green and blue skis


A set of interlocking floor mat tiles that’ll be the best thing to keep your garage floors unharmed amongst the crashing dumbbells. Some of us still adhere to the good ol’ fashioned garage-gym hybrid, so now “gains” can also mean keeping your garage floor cracked free.

a person working out on a set of black interlocking floor mats


A bike hanger because spoiler alert: Your bike takes up a lot of space when on the ground and virtually no room when on its Y-axis. Hitting the road has never been easier now that you don’t have to play Tetris getting the bikes in and out.


An eight-piece garage organizer because Al Borland and Hank Hill certainly didn’t waste time trying to find their tools, and neither should you. Instead, merely install a wall mount to, well, your wall, and witness perfectly organized tools for any project from novice to advanced.

an eight piece garage organizer holding a pitchfork, shovel, chainsaw, and other items

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