20 Ways To Make Your Home Look Cleaner Than It Is


Think about first impressions and organize your entryway first! Guests will remember tripping over shoes the moment they walk in, so hide them away in a closet or keep a compact shoe tower rack around to organize your kicks in a pinch.

the lower half of a model holding a tiered shoe tower by the top handle


Dust strategically, prioritizing surfaces your guests are most likely to see. Unlike the disposable version you constantly need to restock, these reusable Swiffer duster heads will always be around when you need to give your place a quick sprucing.

Cut up fleece fabric swiffer heads in different color combinations


Take care of your TV if you’ll be spending time in the living room with a screen cleaner kit that’ll erase any trace of the smudges your toddler made trying to make contact with Peppa Pig through the screen.


Take out the trash with tear-resistant 13-gallon bags so your house doesn’t reek of 3-day-old takeout remnants. Plus, these bags are super tough so you don’t have to worry about them tearing and making an even bigger mess.


Guest-proof the bathroom with some eucalyptus toilet-cleaning bombs for getting your toilet sparkling clean without a ton of time-consuming scrubbing. It’s basically a bath bomb but for your porcelain throne.

a pile of white tablet next to branches of eucalyptus


And swap out your bathmat. Fluffy bathroom rugs (especially right after a shower) can look matted and smell mildewy. Opt for this slatted bath mat and impress your guests with your bathroom’s spa-like feel.

a reviewer photo of the slatted bamboo mat on the floor of their bathroom


Corral clutter with cute yet functional storage bins to transform the pile of mail that’s been sitting on your counter for two weeks into stylish decor.


Break out the pet hair remover if your couch cushions tend to bear the brunt of Fido’s incessant shedding. This one is equipped with reusable bristles so you can keep your home fur-free without dragging out the vacuum or wasting a bunch of single-use lint roller sheets.


Wipe down any mirrors or other glass surfaces with microfiber cloths that deliver a reliably lint- and streak-free finish. People love looking at themselves and, when they do, they’re going to notice your toothpaste-splattered mirror.


“Do” the dishes. That can mean actually cleaning them (and I recommend this pump soap dispenser and caddy to get the job done quicker), but it can also mean loading up the dishwasher or, if you’re really short on time, putting them in the oven. Just get those dirty dishes out of the sink!

A sponge resting in the dispenser caddy


Spritz your cushy couches and chairs with a sweet-smelling fabric freshener because if it smells clean, people will think it is clean.

a model hand holding a spray bottle with a label that reading "Santal + Coconut"


Give your floors a quick once-over, which is A LOT easier with a cordless vacuum around. It’s so lightweight and easy to maneuver, and without a cord tethering you to outlets you can literally run around your house to get it clean.


Hit up high-touch areas with a plant-based stainless steel cleaner that’ll make your faucets and appliances shine enough to distract your guests from all the spots you didn’t have a chance to clean.


Switch out your linens with fresh ones, like this hilarious Schitt’s Creek tea towel, to add some personality to your space and save your guests from drying their hands with a soiled rag.

a white tea towel that says "what does burning smell like?" with a small flames icon


Deploy a fast-acting air purifier so you and your guests can breathe a little easier — literally. Three-stage filtration works quickly to reduce the presence of airborne allergens and traps pet dander, pollen, odors, and more.


Make your bed if you don’t plan to simply shut your bedroom door! Your room will instantly appear tidier. Make it easier on yourself with a set of bedsheet fasteners so your nightly tossing and turning don’t lead to you having to strip and remake the entire bed come morning.


Spot clean trouble spots with powerful Magic Erasers that can be used to clean floors, counters, stovetops, tubs, sinks — you name it! And no time wasted switching cleaners for different jobs.


Dim the lights and add a little ambiance with a twinkling string light curtain because they can’t see the dust if it’s dark enough, and they won’t care if it’s cozy enough.

a reviewer photo of the string lights hanging behind sheer curtains in a darkened living room


Light a candle that smells great and doubles as a conversation starter, like this mystical birthdate candle. It combines astrology, numerology, and tarot to create a sweet-smelling piece of home decor that’s completely personalized based on your birthday and will grab the attention of your guests before they even notice the clutter.

buzzfeeder's candle in a jar that says "september twenty-eighth, the day of the fluttering candle" with small astrological sign details for that date


Lastly, get a bottle of wine prepped and ready in no time with an electric wine opener, because no one will care about a little mess when free alcohol is provided.

Now your home looks clean and you’re ready to host their socks off!

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