20 Things From Anthropologie That Just Might Make You Think “My Home Needs An Upgrade”

Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.


A faux fur blanket to use as a stylish throw or to keep you feeling warm and looking ~cool~ every time you cozy up with a good book or show. Sure, it’s still summer BUT it’s never too early to stock up on things that are great for fall and will take you right into the winter when the temperatures seemingly drop overnight. But let’s not think about that yet.

a person holding the blanket in a blue and white pattern


A lustered velvet quilt so you can give your bedroom that luxe hotel feel you’re always craving. Reviewers love how comfy this baby is but that it’s still lightweight so they don’t feel suffocated.

the quilt in peach


A vintage-inspired dining chair because it’ll (probably) make all those fun dinner parties you host way more comfortable and fun. Not into hosting? Just think about how fancy you’ll feel eating cereal in one of these beauts.

the chairs with blue, yellow, white, and red cushions


A bold textile wall hanging you can use to replace that poster you’ve had since your college dorm room days. It’s hand-woven and boasts some fun fringed trim to give your space a little touch of boho.

The wall hanging


A turtle-shaped planter to give your plants a fancy new home. While the lil’ guy doesn’t have any drainage holes, reviewers say it’s great for succulents and other plants that don’t need a ton of water. There’s also a liner inside to protect the metal. Rust doesn’t stand a chance!

The planter


An ethereal floor mirror so you’ll have the perfect place to do your morning affirmations. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the most enchanting bedroom of all? YOU.

the floor mirror in four different sizes


A soft nature-inspired lampshade, because it’ll totally change the vibe of your space with minimal effort. It’s a one-minute makeover! Designed to replicate an antique Swedish tapestry, this digitally printed cotton shade will add a subtle pop of color to any room.

The lampshade


And a playful round pillow that’ll make you smile every time you see it. With pom-poms around the edges and embroidered details, this fun cushion and its screen-printed smiling sun couldn’t be cuter.

The pillow


An elegant hand-carved Gulliver media console for giving your TV a lovely resting place. The color and brass caps are subtle, but the floral carvings keep it from looking like your ordinary media unit.

the black


A “gilded botanicals” garland so you can enjoy a bit of nature without ever stepping outdoors. Elegant and eye-catching, it’s fashioned from aged iron, textured velvet, and glass for a botanical accent that’ll look lovely in every season. Place it on your mantle, wrap it around your staircase, or use it as a table centerpiece.

The garland on a gray background


A cute and quirky cat-themed art print, because your grown-up space doesn’t have to be stuffy. Whether it’s on a gallery wall or standing alone, this piece is sure to make a splash. Plus, the frame is included so all you have to do is hang it up and admire it.

The art print


Or some kickstand picture frames to give your existing art pieces a seasonal makeover. These gloriously extra frames come in loads of sizes and shapes — and even though they look like they’d be impossibly heavy, they’re actually made of lightweight resin.

The frames in all available sizes and colors


A queen bee tieback that’ll make opening your curtains each morning more exciting. Made of brass, these buzzy little bees are both surprisingly ornate and full of whimsy — just, y’know, in case you need a reminder of who’s the queen bee in your home. (It’s you.)


A made-to-order Lena bed so you can customize the perfect sleeping area instead of using that one you inherited from your older sibling. The plush and tufted frame is low-slung, so it won’t feel too gigantic and overpowering in your room.

the yellow bed


A pair of tasseled curtains because, let’s face it, those ratty old blinds you’ve had attached to your window for years now, have got to go. These long curtains will let the right amount of light in and create the illusion of bigger windows while being a stylish statement in your new (adult) home.

the tasseled curtains


A decorative switch plate for anybody looking to make small yet noticeable changes to their home and get rid of those dingy switch plates that were there when you moved in. Each plate’s rare and handpainted design will have everyone thinking you found them at a vintage hole-in-the-wall place instead of online at Anthro.

An image of a five decorative switch plates


A whimsical bumblebee end table with a marble top so you can actually read your TBR pile instead of using it as a makeshift table. Add a lil’ plant to this tiny table and you’re all set to relax.

the marble and brass side table


A luxe linen-blend throw pillow or two that come in a rainbow of colors and several sizes to spice up your space. You’d be amazed what a difference just swapping out a few cushions can make!

The pillows in the color Natural


A sleek, brass-capped waterfall inlay console table so you’ll have a proper piece of furniture for your entryway. Like your furniture to do double-duty? Use it for extra table space or even as a (modern) desk!

the gold striped table


A beautiful botanical-print shower curtain because that vinyl one you’ve had forever is ready to retire. Full of big, colorful flowers, this piece is basically a bouquet in shower curtain form.

The shower curtain in the color Sky

You enjoying your snazzy new upgrades:

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