20 Things From Amazon That Make Perfect Gifts


A pair of noise-cancelling headphones with over 25,000 5-star ratings from people who LOVE using them while getting in the zone (whether it’s for working, studying, or even mowing the lawn). If you don’t want to break the bank but still want to give your friend a thoughtful gift, this is just the choice for the person you know who depends on quiet time throughout their day.

the headphones in black


An oval blow-dryer brush to create a salon-quality blowout in less time than it takes to stream an episode of The Office. This brush blows hot air out of its barrel brush, meaning it simultaneously dries and styles — perfect for your friend who has roughly 0.5 seconds in the morning to get ready.


A set of iridescent display stands, because whether it’s a collection of toys, knickknacks, or cosmetics, everyone has something they want to display. Help your friends’ collections shine with these super cool and colorful stands.

a reviewer's sets holding collectible toys


A set of five reusable food “huggers” so your food prep-loving boo can say goodbye to brown apple slices forever, without having to use disposable plastic bags or aluminum foil. These reusable silicone food savers wrap tightly, creating a seal around fruits, veggies, and even cans so that your love can do away with their cling wrap and still be able to count on keeping their avocado half super fresh.


A cat tree that your kitty will love as a gift, because they’ll feel like they’re in the natural habitat of their big-cat ancestors. They’ll love curling up for a nice catnap on one of the platforms during the day, and then climbing and jumping all over this baby at three in the morning when you’re trying to sleep, as cats are wont to do.


A set of bath bombs because what’s better than ending the day with a bath? Ending the day with a bath-bomb bath, that’s what. Consider this for the mother you know who is always on the hunt for things to help them unwind after a long and tiring day.

the colorful bath bombs


An aesthetically pleasing set of 60 (!!!) dual-tip calligraphy markers that, get this, can diffuse into a watercolor by adding a touch of, you guessed it, water! So whether your giftee is looking to bring out their inner Bob Ross, or they’re just looking for a marker-fine-tip pen duo to help them bullet journal, they’re sure to thank you immensely for this colorful gift.


A unique horizontal candle if your bestie is the type of person who wants to light a few candles without having to worry about melting the entire candle in one night. This candle rolls through the wick holder, which only burns the part of the candle above the wick holder. Once the flame reaches the bottom of the wick holder, the candle self-extinguishes, saving the rest of the wax spiral for the next time your giftee wants some candlelight.

a reviewer's image of their candle burning


A five-tier vertical planter, because your buddy’s green thumb is in constant rivalry with their small apartment space. This allows them to grow the flowers and veggies that make their heart happy while taking up little space in their home (or outside their home!).

reviewer photo of the white planter


A set of four wineglasses with a funky, angular edge so that your bestie can have the tablescape of their dreams while still drinking out of a glass that will uphold their drink’s integrity.


A gallon water bottle to help keep your gym buddy’s hydration on track, even after you two go home!


A copper French press for your sibling who ~can’t stop, won’t stop~ making absolutely everything in their home aesthetically pleasing. But this doesn’t *just* go great with their French farmhouse kitchen decor — it also steeps amazing coffees, teas, and tisanes!

a reviewer photo of the copper french press


A mini sunset lamp, because no golden hour light doesn’t have to mean no golden hour selfie. Your blogger friend will use this practically every single day for product shots and selfies that look extra ~artsy~.


A sewing machine, because the best type of gift you can give is one that teaches your giftee a craft, and this beginner-friendly sewing machine will help your friend hone their new skill. Plus, if you get this for them now, you can probably expect to get a handmade quilt from them around the holidays. It’s the classic I scratch your back you scratch mine situation where everyone is pleased.

a reviewer's sewing machine at a desk


A set of six aromatherapy shower steamers that will instantly turn any shower into a relaxing Banya Spa experience. All your mate has to do is drop this in their shower and let the soothing, minty, and citrusy scents mix with the steam.

Box and six shower steamers shown


A cable-knit floor pouf, because some people (c’est moi) don’t work at traditional desks but rather sit on the floor propped up next to the coffee table. Here’s the thing — while sitting by a coffee table just gets some people’s creative juices flowing, sitting on the floor still takes its toll on the hips and can hurt over time. Get this pouf if your friend enjoys floor sitting of any kind, whether it’s working or just lounging.


A towel warmer that is essential for your parent if they are on a mission to make every part of their home luxurious. There’s nothing like a fresh-out-the-dryer towel or blanket, and luckily, this device heats up fabrics in just fifteen minutes.

The circular-shaped bin in grey with a lid and wood handle and a small screen on the front


A Lodge pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet for the perfect housewarming gift since it does everything from making fluffy scrambled eggs in the morning to a mouth-watering T-bone steak for dinner!


An aesthetically pleasing watering can, because your plant-parent friend deserves to have plant accessories that are as chic as they are.


And a piece of macrame hanging wall art to add texture to any living space. If you’ve been waxing poetic about boho decor, why not gift this lovely (and inexpensive!) work of art to yourself?

a person's macrame hanging over their bed

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