20 Fall Coats And Jackets That Are Serving Seriously Cozy Vibes


A timelessly elegant Calvin Klein pea coat made from a super soft and cozy cashmere-wool blend, because everyone knows, the only thing better than being super-cozy is being super-cozy AND stylish.


A Levi’s sherpa-lined trucker’s jacket for the iconic denim look you know and love — only way cozier.

Reviewer standing in front of snowy Christmas tree farm in the blue sherpa lined jacket, paired with leggings and hat


A quilted bomber jacket to give off some cozy vintage vibes, but in a chic modern way, y’know?


A checkered wool coat that wraps around you like a blanket, but drapes in a way that’s super duper stylish. Add to that a shawl collar and tie waist and oof ?‍?, it’s almost too chic….almost.


A soft and cozy flannel shacket if you’re kinda obsessed with wearing flannels (it me) and want one that’s actually heavy-duty enough to wear as a jacket! I love me a good two-in-one, hehe.


A sherpa-trim notched lapel jacket that’ll look amazing as either the main feature of your outfit (especially buttoned-up) or as a stylish layering piece. It’s cozy AND versatile!


A faux fur zip-up jacket since it’ll make you feel like you’re snuggled up in a soft and fluffy cloud ?. Good luck resisting the temptation to pet yourself 24/7 though!


A shiny down parka that’s made even more glamorous with a big and pouffy faux fur-lined hood. This is the coat you wear when you’re feeling cozy at heart but want to make. A. Statement.


A open-front fleece jacket since it’s pretty much the epitome of cozy-chic. Or, as one reviewer put it, you’ll feel like a ~sophisticated~ teddy bear with this on. ?

Reviewer leaning against building wearing the camel jacket over high waisted jeans and crop top


A hooded longline puffer coat that’s lightweight yet will still have you feeling warm and toasty when you wear it. Plus, it’s water-resistant, cute, AND packable — it folds up into a tiny bag so you can travel easily with it! Seriously, what more could you ask for?


A puffer vest because if you thought all clothing needed sleeves to be considered cozy, then think again! Just pop this on over a flannel, long-sleeve tee, sweater, or really whatever, and you’ll be both snuggly and trendy.


An elegant double-breasted overcoat with faux fur lapels that looks more like a cute dress than a bulky winter jacket . Take a break from cozy coats that make you look like a human sleeping bag with this beauty.

Reviewer standing in subway wearing the pink coat tied at waist


A collared faux fur zip-up jacket so you can snuggle up in something soft and sleek!


A button-up corduroy jacket with so many styling possibilities that you might even have to recruit your cat for their opinion each morning. What do you think, Mr. Kitty? Loose and open? Buttoned-up? Layered over this hoodie, or how about under this jacket? Oh, what’s that? You just want to come snuggle up in my cozy corduroy coat…


A thick down coat featuring a fleece-lined hood and lots of stylish pockets, thereby eliminating any possibility of you leaving your hat or purse in the car…again. This jacket is a cult favorite for a reason — it keeps you snug even in absolutely wretched weather.


A faux suede belted jacket that looks like it belonged to Duchess Anastasia herself — so yes, you will feel like royalty when you wear this faux fur-lined beauty.

Reviewer in the snow wearing the tan suede jacket belted at waist with fur hood


A printed puffer jacket because not only is the pattern super unique and stylish, but this cozy coat magically folds up into its own pocket, which can serve as a travel pillow — how cool is that?!


A sherpa-lined parka that’s up to the task of keeping you cozy, warm, and stylish, even on the coldest of days.


A striped fleece jacket with a bit of an “elevated hoodie” feel, since the bright colors will cheer you up on those cold and bleak days ahead.


A Gore-Tex anorak ski coat so you can stay dry and warm on the mountain and shred the slopes in style — or just look like you do. ?

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