19 Teachers Whose Day Started Out Great, Then Took A Sharp Turn Into Hysterical Territory


This teacher, who was so tired they accidentally wrote “poop” instead of “pool” in front of a class of teenagers:


This teacher, whose students practiced the art of irony in the most hilariously frustrating way possible — by stealing the sign which said that students caught stealing would be suspended:


This teacher, who accidentally heated the chemistry beakers too high, and this happened:


This teacher, who forgot she’d left the dissected lamb organs to thaw and walked in on an alarming scene:


This teacher, who accidentally burned their students’ Mother’s Day handprints:


This teacher, who started changing into his tennis shoes for a fire drill, then got distracted and forgot to finish and had to walk around school like this:


This teacher, who put decals on the wall that were supposed to spell, “our class is incredible,” but they wouldn’t stick, so it ended up saying this:


This teacher, who tried to hang up their degree in the classroom, and this happened:


This teacher, who got distracted while putting the message “hello students” on the board, and her students were met with this message instead:


This teacher, who spilled candle wax on his lesson plan during a class Zoom session:


And lastly, this teacher, who didn’t notice until Friday afternoon that the letter and word of the week sent a hysterically rude message to their students:

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