19 Reactions To The New Blumhouse Horror "They/Them" That Will Either Make You Want To Watch It Or Avoid It

The new slasher film They/Them fan reactions are in, and they are totally making me need to see this flick.

Naturally, horror films are always going to be a mixed bag of opinions, but the reviews for They/Them seem to really be divisive. Now, that’s led me to a round-up of fan reactions that still have me wanting to check out the film (maybe to see just how it really is). Let’s have a look, shall we?

They/Them premiere event


That’s a lot of emotions:

@horrorjunkie333 / peacock / Via Twitter: @horrorjunkie333


This review has got me imagining what the ratings would be like if Kevin Bacon wasn’t in it:

Letterboxd review of They/Them


“A special kind of awful.”

davidsingletary / Via Twitter: @davidsingletary


Sarcasm at it’s finest.

They/Them Letterboxd 1 star review


Well, I did tell you the general consensus of the film.

@simonwoodwrites / peacock / Via Twitter: @simonwoodwrites


WHAT ON EARTH is Kevin Bacon doing in this movie?

1 star IMDB review of They/Them


A slasher film without any slashes. Damn.

1.5 star review of They/Them on Letterboxd


At this point, I am genuinely taken aback to see a 10/10 rating:

IMDB 10/10 review of They/Them


Out of all the things you could take away from They/Them, this has to be the funniest.

@Slicedude1 / Via Twitter: @Slicedude1


The “crappy poster” line killed me off.

3/5 Letterboxd review of They/Them


Vogue and P!nk anyone?

1.5 star Letterboxd review of They/Them


I’m really sorry, but I didn’t expect any of the reviews to mention Citizen Kane. I am glad for this person who enjoyed themselves though!

10/10 IMDB review for They/Them



1.5 star Letterboxd review for They/Them


You’ve been warned:

1/10 IMDB review for They/Them


B E R T saw the good in this film, maybe you can too?

3.5 star Letterboxd review on They/Them


Pet peeve unlocked: films classified as the wrong genre.

1/10 star review on IMDB for They/Them


A camp slasher should have kids running around screaming, terrified for their lives. You heard it here first.

2 star Letterboxd review on They/Them


You know a film is bad when someone who doesn’t normally write reviews, takes the time out to let you know just how bad it is!

1/10 star IMDB review for They/Them


The ingenuity of this had me laughing far too much.

1.5 star Letterboxd review for They/Them

Have you seenThey/Them? What were your thoughts?

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