17 Teeny-Tiny Things That Confused Me As I Watched The New "Pretty Little Liars"

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, the latest series in the PLL franchise, recently wrapped up its first season, and I gotta say…I was really into it!!!

The Liars standing together outside and looking down

The show being turned into a slasher, the new “A” being a gruesome killer, and all of the terrifying chase scenes — it was all sooo entertaining.

Girl being chased down a hallway

But ofc — as with most teen dramas — there were a few things that just didn’t add up to me or seem realistic:

Warning: This post contains mentions of sexual assault. 

🚨Warning: Spoilers galore ahead!🚨


First things first: Am I really supposed to believe that it’s normal that all the Liars’ moms went to high school together, had their daughters the same year, raised them in their hometown, and sent them to the same high school they went to? Oh, and all their daughters are only children, too.

The mothers sitting on a couch and the Liars in party clothes


It was wild to me how Madame Giry instantly believed Karen’s accusation that Faran put the razor blades in her ballet shoe without ANY PROOF. I know she favored Karen, but I still feel Madame Giry would at least have been obligated to investigate the situation more before issuing Faran a punishment.

Scenes with Madame Giry asking Faran why she did it, since she already had the part, and when Faran says she didn't do it, Giry tells Faran to "go to my office"


Also, since the faculty believed that Faran put a blade in Karen’s shoe and that Mouse killed and placed a dead rat in her bag, giving them detention seems like too mild a punishment. Realistically, I feel like they would’ve been suspended, at the very least. Those were crimes!

The Liars sitting in a classroom around a table with books on it


I don’t get how the janitor remained so calm when he came face-to-face with “A” after finding his creepy lair. I would’ve been shaking in my boots the moment I saw that mask.

Close-up of the contents of A's lair and the janitor saying "What the hell are you doing in here? This is off limits; school property"


Also, the janitor was murdered and it’s never brought up again????

The janitor being stabbed and lying on the floor


Okay, so the night of Karen’s party, Imogen took Tyler’s phone to stop him from recording an intoxicated Karen. That’s fine. What shocked me is that Imogen kept his phone, meaning he never tried to get it back from her in the following days, which is an odd choice because getting a new phone is expensive.

Imogen saying "I have it on a phone, a phone in my house," and six months later Tyler is seen sitting on a bed and taking a selfie


Tabby said she was going to edit the Karen video so that it would be so short, people couldn’t pull out their phones to record it, but when they actually screened the video, it was more than long enough for people to take their phones out.

Audience looking at video of Karen talking about Greg, saying "Can you believe Greg kissing that fucking slut when he has me? Asshole couldn't even keep his little pencil dick hard enough to fuck me properly"


How did no one else at the dance see Karen or “A” when all of the Liars were pointing at the rafters and screaming at Imogen to look up? You’re telling me none of the students looked in the direction that the group of screaming teenagers were pointing to? Okay, sure.

The crowd yelling and Imogen looking up


Tyler was murdered at the end of the Halloween episode, and the Liars didn’t find out he was missing FOR TWO EPISODES. If a kid is missing from home for just one day, most parents would’ve reached out to their kid’s friends and notified the school. So yeah, I don’t know how Tyler’s friends didn’t think it was strange they hadn’t seen or heard from him for days, and I don’t get how the student body had not noticed his absence for so long.

Tyler being killed in Episode 5, students saying in Episode 6 that he was punched in the nose and must've been embarrassed 'cause he hasn't been seen since, and in Episode 7 someone saying "Are you aware that Tyler hasn't been seen since Halloween night?"


Kelly got chased by “A” with a knife, thinking it was Faran and Henry, but I don’t understand why she wouldn’t tell any adult at all that someone chased her around with a knife.

Faran asking "DId someone try to stab you?" and Kelly saying, "I should have my father arrest you; talk to me again and maybe I still will"


Okay, when Imogen and Tabby go to the Radley Hotel in Rosewood, which was previously the Radley Sanitarium, they talk to the maintenance manager. And everything as we know it changes through this conversation. As they chat, it’s revealed that this show takes place in the same universe as Riverdale (and, by extension, Katy Keene and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina). So this means that the original PLL also takes place in the same universe as Riverdale…which means that Aria (played by Lucy Hale) and Katy Keene (also played by Hale) exist in the same universe. This also means that Cole Sprouse (who was mentioned in PLL: Original Sin) and Jughead exist in the same universe…are you keeping up, luv?

The manager saying that some of the patients were sent to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy in RIverdale


At the blood drive, Kelly “threw out” the cotton balls from male blood donors instead of leaving them under their adhesive bandages. I just find it hard to believe that none of the medical professionals taking the blood (who were right next to her) noticed her doing that. I also don’t understand why they wouldn’t have had a system of labeling the cotton balls or something so they would know which one belonged to which boy. It would’ve saved them time!

Kelly at the blood drive and a garbage pail of bloody cotton balls


In the middle of the school day, in a busy hallway, guys on the football team were just swapping drugs out in the open…c’mon, now.

Students in the hallway holding up a package


I get that Mrs. Bell is a bit preoccupied, but how did she not notice a whole person come into the office and take the fake baby???

Imogen asking Mrs Bell to watch her fake baby, and when she comes back, she asks Mrs Bell "Where's my baby?" and Mrs Bell says "I didn't touch it"


Noa’s mom wanted to spend a few days at home to detox, so she asked Noa to cover her shifts at work. Now, the thing is, Noa is not an employee of Pinball Pizza, so I don’t know why her mom asked her to cover her shifts instead of asking a coworker.

Noa's mom asking if she can cover her shifts


Everything about that Christmas scene in the finale made me cringe🥴. It was so WEIRDDD. Why did Mouse’s moms announce to everyone — including Mouse’s friends, the Beasleys, and Greg — that they were starting couples therapy??? That seems kinda private, no? And why did all the Liars start making out with their boyfriends in front of their moms at the same time??? Time and place, people!!!!!

Shirley says she and Elodie are going to couples therapy, Ash asks if they can finally declare that Mash is canon, and the couples start kissing


Lastly, I really liked that this show made it a point to regularly criticize the grooming of teenage girls, which the OG series notoriously did the opposite of. So it seemed like an unfitting choice for the season to end with the reveal that Aria and Ezra — the most infamous teen-adult couple from the OG series — are still married and are adopting Imogen’s baby.

Tabby's mother tells Wes that he was grooming her daughter by making her work late and giving her rides home, and Imogen tells Tabby that the couple adopting her baby have been wanting one for a long time, that they're writers and own a bookshop

What other moments from Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin made no sense to you? And will you be watching another season if it gets renewed? Tell us in the comments below!

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