16 Things You'll Relate To If You're Always Tired And Cold

Hi, I’m Devina and I’m iron deficient, so being cold and tired is practically part of my identity at this point. Whether you’re iron deficient too, or just that person who’s always cold and/or tired, here are a few things you’ll definitely understand.


Anyone that goes in the shower after you will complain that you keep it on way too hot a setting.


The thought of having social events on two consecutive days will have your soul feeling like it’s about to leave your body.


Anyone that touches your hands will be shocked at how cold they are, and then proceed to look at you the way Bella looked at Edward in Twilight.

A movie still from Twilight


And if you’re like me and are iron deficient, you’ll always have people asking if you feel okay, because you look pale pretty much 24/7.

A movie still from Twilight


Getting out of bed in the morning is a whole mission in itself because you wake up already exhausted. But seriously, what kind of glitch in the system is that??


Another one that all you iron deficient queens will relate to – when you do (eventually) get up, all you see are dots. And a lot of them.


Everyone labels you as “lazy” because your energy levels are consistently at, like -14.


You’re that person who wants to get taxis everywhere because a ten minute walk will mean you need to follow it with a 20 minute power nap to recover.


Speaking of naps, you nap. A lot. I mean you’ll eat breakfast and already start arranging your pillows for nap number one of the day.


You love WFH because it means you can stay in bed all day and work. Oh, and nap of course.


No one actually knows what your feet look like, because you literally live in thick fluffy socks.


Nothing and no one can come in the way of the love triangle between you, your hot water bottle, and heated blanket.


By the time you’ve got to the social event, your body already needs some respite.


You’ve become an absolute expert at suppressing your yawns in front of company.


People will spot goosebumps on you before you even realise you have them.


Caffeine is literally your best friend. I’m not kidding, it’s an absolute necessity to function at the bare minimum.

Which ones do you relate to? Let us know in the comments below!

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