15 Of The Best Desks You Can Get At Walmart


A student computer desk because the only thing you should be worried about is acing that chemistry exam and not cramming notes on a tiny desk. Whether you’re just starting to learn about the mitochondria or finishing that doctoral thesis, the mighty student desk will be with you through it all.

a spearmint metal student computer desk in a bedroom


An L-shaped desk that’ll give any mundane office a little geometric charm while also giving you plenty of arm room. Aside from the gorg earthy espresso finishing, there are two little shelves attached for easy storage of boxes, papers, and all other office supplies.

an espresso colored L-shaped desk in a home office


A hairpin writing desk lookin’ almost too good to even attempt to do your daily homework and to-do list tasks. But don’t fret: aside from the dazzling minimal golden legs and striking white design, the open compartments provide optimal storage while you write with glee.

a white and gold hairpin desk in a home studio


A campaign desk fancy enough for penning handcrafted letters to your loved ones. The mesmerizing cross patterning adds flair, while the three shelves are perfect for stationery and pens.

a gray campaign desk in a home office


A two-drawer writing desk that is efficient ✅, specious ✅, and will help you catch up on the black hole of unread emails ✅. There’s enough space to fit a laptop, computer, heck, even a typewriter and the two drawers are perfect for essential office must-haves (read: snacks for when the midday slump hits).

an espresso two-colored writing desk in a corner


A brushed computer desk to help you gravitate towards the finer things in (office) life. Become the CEO of your home workspace with gorgeous wood paneling, seemingly endless storage options, and maximum efficiency.

a brushed maple wooden and metal desk in a home office


A double pedestal desk for providing some geometric flair to combat those less-than-fun Zoom meetings. Bonus points: the pedestals act as a storage unit that’s perfect for all books, vases, and cute houseplants.

a black double pedestal desk in a home office


A corner desk because just like sandwiches cut on the diagonal, everything at an angle is just better! Whether you use this desk as a statement piece or a little nook to write your autobiography, it’ll be your new go-to piece.

a black corner desk holding ornaments and a purse


A leaning desk that’ll help turn your once ordinary writing area into something extraordinary and unique. It’s a scientific fact humans love things that lean (it’s just so mesmerizing!), so might as well bring the charm of the leaning tower of Pisa into your home while still having enough space for work and tchotchkes.

an ivory leaning desk in a living room


A simple writing desk to help propel your home into a contemporary minimal haven. Oh yes, the design is sleek, the drawers are spacious, and the crossed legs add that museum-esque aesthetic almost every minimalist home seems to have.

an espresso colored writing desk with a book, small plant, lamp, and pencils on top


A glass desk so you can create effortless style almost out of thin air. The glass adds extra decor points while still serving as a perfect place to complete that big work project due tomorrow.

a weathered gray glass desk with a laptop and lamp on top


A trestle desk you’ll want to show off at your next Zoom meeting. The wooden finish and two storage shelves add fashion and function to this classic office staple.

a cappuccino trestle desk with a laptop and coffee cup in a home office


An adjustable drafting table if you’re tired of your unoriginal WFH space. This unique table will make you feel like the main character in a movie about an up-and-coming architect while you answer your millionth Slack for the day.

a brown drafting table with various art supplies


A six-cube storage desk to help connect your organization skills and combat the daily grind of WFH. The cubbies are perfect for files, utensils, pictures of your dog, and anything needed to get you from 9 to 5.

a six-cube storage desk in white and holding different books, pencils, and paper


A rolling standing desk that’ll keep your circulation and your mind happy. Spoiler alert: sitting all day = bad for your health. So, a rolling desk that’ll quite literally keep you on your feet is a great way to incorporate a little movement into your office life.

a gray rolling desk with three shelves and next to a high-rise window

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